TBH Film Update

January 15, 2011

Dear Friends, And now for some news about the film option of The Bronze Horseman.  Things have not worked out quite as I hoped, but that’s only because I can’t see the future and don’t know what’s still ahead.   At the moment, though, the 18-month option with Andy Tennant’s production company has unfortunately come to an end. After months of no activity at all, we tried to extend the option at deadline time (plus 30 days grace), but we could not resolve the most important issue, and that is whose script to use, mine or Ross’s. I strongly felt and continue to feel that Ross’s vision for the story and adaptation of the book were diametrically opposed to my own. So reluctantly we parted ways, and the rights to the book have reverted back to me.  The difference between 2009 and now is that now I have a finished script.Which means that we can now seek and find someone else who gets the story, loves the characters, and perhaps can put his/her passion behind the project to get the film off the ground, so to speak, and onto the big screen, but this time with my script as a condition of development. I know you are disappointed by this and let down, as you can imagine I am, but don’t be disheartened. Because I remain hopeful and optimistic that great things are just around the corner for our two crazy kids. We have a couple of intriguing prospects we are working on and I will keep you posted as soon as I know something more concrete. In the meantime, you know that Tania and Shura live on inside my heart, especially these days, as I immerse myself in the young doomed life of the two people who once loved each other and who made Alexander.I leave you for now with a photograph of the actual River Kama and one devoted reader’s painting of the Urals and the Lazarevo clearing despite never having seen either, and also below Richard Tucker’s version of Puccini’s E Lucevan Le Stelle, a song I listened to on infinite repeat when I wrote the entire Part I in TBH.

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  1. Meghan says:

    I am disappointed to not be seeing the movie soon but I am happy that you didn’t budge on how you wanted the script to be. So many times are books ruined by movies. I know when you do find someone to make it into a movie it will be great! Until then I’ll read TBH yet again to keep Tatia and Shura vivid in my imagination. Love you Paullina!

  2. 'bleach says:

    It is not good new for the film, but it is because it must be a film worthy of the wonderful book. (sorry for my bad english :S) <3

  3. Kris Korth says:

    Beautiful picture…lovely song. I have listened to it often ;) I’m glad you’re conditioning the movie option on your script being used. No one else can capture the vision and the heart as well as you. We’ll continue to hope and to wait (im)patiently for the movie. :)

  4. Elaina Richardson says:

    Hi Paullina,

    So sad to hear that the movie s on hold. But the script must be yours! There is no way that any one else could tell this story. I would definitely hold out until you can at least work with someone who realizes that. :)

    Best of luck with everything. I too will holds Tatia and Shura in my heart for all of my life. This book changed my life (or at least the way I look at it). And a movie for the masses would touch so many others. Dont lose sight of whats important.

    With deep respect,

  5. Asia says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry, Mrs Paullina. But don’t worry – even there would be no film, everybody will still love your books and of course Tatia and Shura:)

    Like ‘bleach wrote – the film must be worth your wonderful book… ;)

  6. Denise Howard says:

    I would rather going on loving The Bronze Horseman book as written than have it made into a movie that could possibly take away from a beautifully written story! In my opinion few movies ever really hold the charm of the book. The exception in my opinion was Fried Green Tomatoes! The movie was so much better than the book, The movie Cold Mountain was also better than the book! I am happy to keep Tatiana and Alexander alive in my mind!

  7. Sirena says:

    I agree- I’m sorry to hear about any delay but ultimately, if you didn’t like the script, imagine what your readers will feel! I think it’ll be worth waiting for to see a movie based on a script by the creator of this immensely beloved story :-) Can’t wait!

  8. sayoko says:

    I’m sad to hear this, but even more sadly, I quite expected it. To put it simple, it’s been more than one decade that the movie industry hasn’t been able to make a decent movie that hinges predominantly “human feelings”, the “romantic” kind of feelings. So much that when we say “romantic” in connection to “movies” we automatically think of cheesy, unoriginal flicks.

    Is it because there aren’t good stories to draw upon? Certainly not. Then it must simply be that the producers are *HELL* bent on churning out the same mediocre stuff that has been forced down our throats for the past decade(s).

    I know I am over-generalizing… but I think it is quite a fact that the sort of movies that get the producers’ support are mainly movies focusing on ghoulish crimes, violence, and fighting-fighting-fighting.

    The ideal spectator today is a monkey that gets excited by anything that moves on the screen. Ooh, the car goes boom! Ooh, the fire! What the big-wigs want, is for people to get bamboozled with stuff that makes you dumb. God forbid people actually dare to think!

    So, no, I am not surprised that one of the most beautiful and heart-felt stories ever written still hasn’t made its way into the big screen. I will keep hoping that someday it will happen. Hope is the last to die, isn’t it?

    Sorry for the rant.

  9. Relentless says:

    I rather wait for a film or a mini-series for HBO rather than compromise the story or the characters.

  10. Jodie Andary says:

    Eveything happens for a reason!!!! The Bronze Horseman deserves the best and until then, we are happy to have Shura & Tatia live in our imagination!!!!!!

  11. Gabby says:

    Would much rather wait for a film that uses your script then get a movie next year that’s been written by someone else! This book deserves a great adaptation, not a rushed one :) So only disappointed that you’ve been let down!

  12. Julie says:

    what a shame :( I was really looking forward to it – but now that I have stopped to think about it, I feel as if no movie will do this book justice. Your writing is to good for this life Paullina!

  13. Justine says:

    You made a good decision. The only way that book can be touched is if it is in your complete control & by someone who loves the book as much as we all do. It’s not disappointing.. What would be disappointing is it being done wrongly. X

  14. Talia says:

    It is their loss Paullina – I don’t think you have anything to worry about… Everybody who has ever read TBH knows it is going to be a MASSIVE hit on film. i’m positive someone is going to snatch your script up very soon!

  15. Jessica says:

    That’s a shame but it’s probably for the best. I prefer to watch the movie if it has been finished by you! You wrote the books and you know the characters better than anyone…so I am willing to wait if I know it’s going to be a great movie. Many movies that are made from books actually let me down and I don’t want this for TBH. So patience :)

  16. Rachel says:

    I got so excited when I saw this link and then I read it and was devastated! BUT – I totally understand and am glad you didn’t go through with it if it wasn’t going to be right. We need someone to make this movie perfectly otherwise there is no point.

  17. Donna says:

    : (
    At least i can stop checking IMDB for news now.
    I think you are definatly the right person to write the whole script! it would never have been the same story without you telling it so i will keep my fingers crossed and hope one day there will be a TBH movie.

  18. Kelly says:

    I have faith that your script will come to the screen. I am crossing my fingers for a showtime/HBO series that encompasses all three books.


  19. Marcie says:

    The biggest tragedy would be if this wonderful book was turned into a bad or even mediocre movie. Don’t apologise for making us wait for YOUR scripted movie. Makes me look forward to it even more … and I’m only 39 so I have a couple of decades before my eyesight starts to fail, can you work in that time frame ? for me please !

  20. Rabia says:

    Paullina My Dear,

    A job worth doing is worth doing well! As for as books turned into movies goes, there is nothing worst than watching a movie the totally off the mark and essence of the Book. Put your foot down and hold on tight to your Script Paullina!

  21. veronica says:

    Although I can’t wait to see Tatia and Shura on the big screen, I’m kinda relieved that you won’t just settle for anything. I believe, always have, that everything happens for a reason. Maybe the world is not ready for this story and maybe just maybe this will become a series…:)

  22. Melissa says:

    Thats not bad news Paullina! Its great news that you are staying ‘true’ to The Bronze Horseman & your script – you know it better then anyone…

  23. Katie Carroll says:

    Glad you are staying true to yourself Paullina and not settling for second best.

  24. Stacey says:

    Nevermind Paullina. You know what is best for Tatiana & Alexander. I will be patient :)

    Maybe give my local Wellingtonian Peter Jackson a call? :)

    • Bianca says:

      OMG please make it in New Zealand! That would be AMAZING! I know some amazing film people here who would LOVE to work on this project!

  25. Kell says:

    Im disappointed but can understand the importance of your vision.

    Yet very surprised that this script should be the hottest article in tinsel town??! It seems every book these days are being ripped off into films and with the huge interest in romantic sequels and possible every female reader I kno is in love with TBH series- u shldnt have to wait long, it’s a masterpiece!

  26. Nancy says:

    Frankly, I’m relieved. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing the movie, I never felt comfortable with the director. I saw Anna and the King and loved it, but I just couldn’t see Andy Tennant being able to grasp the complexity of TBH characters or the story itself much less do it justice on screen. Maybe I’m being unfair since I have nothing to go by except my intuition based on the one movie of his that I saw, but I think that this is for the best. Your OWN script is the only way to go. Don’t let this beautiful story ever become tainted by the gulag.

  27. luna says:

    Estoy de acuerdo con Jessica, el guión debe ser de Paullina y será maravilloso como los libros.
    Nadie conoce a los personajes como ella.
    Seguiremos esperando y tendremos fe.

  28. jessica says:

    So sad I want to cry. But at the same time I’m glad that your staying true to your wonderful story Paullina. Thank you so much for that. Like Tania and Shura, I will have FAITH and hope that this project will be done in a way that captures the beauty of your book.

  29. Sarka says:

    Hey Paullina, I read your update about the film TBH and even though I know we are all disappointed about your current outcome, I also wanted to let you know that this is your piece of magic, not some other writers and it makes me angry that hollywood wanted to take it away from you and change it to their liking like they do with so many books turned to film. We as fans would be greatly disappointred if it was changed. It can’t be changed. It’s what we expect because we have read every word and know every word so don’t let it get to you. Im sure I speak for everyone that we would rather see it done properly or not at all. xoxox

  30. Agu says:

    That’s a real shame, but as it was said above – it’s better to wait longer for a good movie than to ruin our treasure that TBH is for all of us. But please please please…. The first two parts must be (at all costs) in Russian! English version would ruin the whole climate of the books!

  31. Gaby says:

    It is probably for the best if the script written would have been that different from the book. Honestly, I am in the “make it into a series” bandwagon. Imagine the possibilities! And the best part would be that the story could go without editing so many things. It is a lovely, life altering story that should be left as intact as possible.

  32. Maggie says:

    I just discovered you! I bought your ‘A Song in the Daylight’ and devoured it. It was absolutely beautiful and will be one of the star books, a must read, when I post my June’s reading on my blog. I am now intending to work my way through the rest of your work.
    Thank you for a wonderful book.
    Maggie in Norfolk, England

  33. Tina says:

    A little sad to hear about movie, but Paullina knows her characters and wants to stay true to them. Ecited because tomorrow im purchasing The Summer Garden!!! Cant wait to read it!!!!

  34. susan says:

    Tatiana said patience is overrated. I have waited too long for this movie to be made….Please let someone pick it up and please let them use your script Paulina as nothing else will do. My fingers are crossed.

  35. Charlotte Henry says:

    The Bronze Horseman was the most amazing book I have EVER read. I made all my friends read it, I gave out at least 15 books and called it my “life gift” to them because it would change their lives… and it did. Now they are giving the book as gifts to their friends. This book inspired us to create a website. I hope whenever this movie is made that it stays true to the book even if it means the move will be longer than normal running time and I hope that Henry Cavil is cast as Alexander. Whoever made that Bronze Horseman trailer that is located on the left side of the web page is my hero. Henry Cavil as Alexander and Romola Garai as Tatiana IS PURE GENIUS. Paullina- I don’t know if you read these postings but thank you so much for writing the Bronze Horseman!!! It is my friends and I all time favorite book! We love Alexander!!!!!!!

  36. Styliani says:

    This trilogy are my all time favourite books, I absolutely cannot wait until they are on screen, as scared as I am! I would prefer if it was made into series or at least a mini series – it gives the book so much more time to develop into something wonderful that is hard to capture in 1-2 hour film. Also, I’ve always wanted to see it done in Russian! It will make it so much more heartfelt and authentic. TBH is what sparked my fascination with Russian culture and I would absolutely love to hear it on screen in the language with English subtitles. Absolutely can not wait!!

  37. Michele says:

    I don’t like the idea of other people trying to tell this story. You created the characters and told their stories perfectly in the three books. I therefore believe you are the best person to write the script and screenplay. I would rather wait and have you do the job and have the movie reflect the book then the movie be made by someone else and all the fans be disappointed. Good luck and i look forward to more news on the movie in the future.

  38. Tiffany says:

    SO GLAD YOU DIDN’T BUDGE ON THIS ONE! Your work is an amazing masterpiece! don’t let anyone ruin it, EVER!:)

  39. Melissa says:

    I hope and pray that TBH movie will be made. And I believe when it does it will be Oscar award winning.

  40. Sara says:


    I was wondering, since I’ve downloaded just about every song mentioned in the Bronze Horseman Trilogy except one, could you tell us the name of the song Tania is humming in the very beginning of the story while eating her creme brulee icecream? You know the one, “We’ll Meet Again in Lvov, My Love and I…”. Is it a Russian song? English? I’m dying to know!

  41. Bella says:

    Aw I’m disappointed but I completely understand where you are coming from. TBH is and will always remain one of my favourite novels, it is truly perfect in every way. I am glad you are maintaining your stance on this and I do hope that someone lovely will pick up the script as I’m literally dying to see the film!

    Moreover, I definitely wouldn’t want anyone but yourself to tell this story. You created these wonderful characters, breathed life into them, therefore you should primarily be the one to take charge of this film’s overall direction. I most certainly do not want somebody else to ruin such a wonderful novel and turn such wonderfully developed and nuanced characters into something else or nothing at all.

    Keep fighting Paullina, all your fans are behind you!


  42. Bella says:

    Oh, one more thing. I do wish this would be turned into a mini-series instead as there is an awful lot to fit into a 2 hour or so film. And I really, really, really do hope it’s in Russian. :)

  43. Juhi says:

    A movie that doesn’t reflect the essence of the novel would be a shame, so I’m relieved that you are standing your ground on the script. Good on you and good luck!

    On another note, does anyone know if the village Lazarevo actually exists?

  44. Jessica says:

    I have been scouring every website, looking for news on TBH, and my heart sunk when I read this post. I am grateful that you stuck to your guns though, but have always wondered how you can fit a whole life into 3 hours (for a movie). I would much prefer to see TBH made into a mini-series, like the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth. Comparing the BBC’s version to the movie version – there is really no comparison.

    Good luck Paullina, and let us know how it goes!

  45. hannah says:

    the bronze horseman is the best book i have ever read! would love to see it as a movie but the screenplay has to stay true to the book otherwise the characters will be lost.

  46. Catherine says:

    Paullina, have you tried Summit Entertainment?

  47. xaimi says:

    Tenia muchas ganas de que se estrenara ya!!! pero mil veces mejor esperar mas tiempo a ver algo de calidad que ver algo pronto que no tenga que ver con el libro o los personajes. Ánimo y paciencia!!! Besos desde España.

  48. Vickie says:

    Thanks for holding out Paullina. Only the best for TBH, and I’m not so sure that any actor/actress can give Shura and Tania justice on the screen. They live in our hearts! FYI, I have started a fire in my circle of friends by introducing them to The Bronze Horsemen trilogy. We have absorbed everything you’ve written so far and we need more!! Do you realize how hard it is to find anything within the same caliber as TBH? Aahhhh……. guess we’ll just keep on rereading the books.

  49. silvia says:

    I love the book – it is one of my favorites and that is reason, why I don’t know if I should look forward a film or not.
    We were three women who discussed, how we picture Alexander – and when we saw the pictures we all knew: when a film is made, the main characters will not look like our imagination — 3 women – 3 different types of men… .

  50. Jess says:

    If Ross’s vision of books is opposite of yours you’ve done the right thing ’cause who loves Tatia and Shura wants “the best for them”…and when it will be, I’m sure the film will be great and epic like the true, intense and passionate story of our beloved Tatia&Shura!

  51. Holly says:

    I just devoured all 3 books in 4 days. I absolutely adored TBH, but I will be honest, it is The Summer Garden that truly is my favorite. The journey through life’s adversities and day to day living with the one you love is the true love story. I cannot even begin to thank you for writing such a true and beautiful romance.

    I have to agree with Styliani in two aspects: 1) I think a mini-series would allow so much more of the beautiful story than a 1-2 hour film, but honestly as long as it is your script, I know it will be wonderful regardless. 2) I would love to see it done in Russian as well for it’s authenticity. Plus it makes her transition to America that much more realistic as she is learning the English language.

    Anyway, thank you again for a magnificent love story and I look forward to seeing your 100% approved work on the big screen. :)

    p.s. Sayoko, I agree fully with your post.

  52. PARASKEVI says:

    Dear Paullina,
    I’ m reaching the end of the most beautiful story I have ever read. The third book of the trilogy is -aS I expected- totaly amazing. I’ ll keep your books close to the New Testament on my bookself for the rest of my life -and read a small piece of them every day! You have given us readers so much! The movie is worth waiting, because it has to touch your senses and your heart first -and then ours..Work on it! It has to be as me dream of it! Kisses from Thessaloniki, Greece.

  53. katelyn says:

    Sorry to hear but happy you are making sure that my favorite book will be done justice on the big screen. I’m re-reading all of the novels YET again and can’t imagine anything not being done correctly!

  54. Erin says:

    Paullina, if JK Rowling can do it, so can you!!! Although much editing was done and many “scenes” were deleted for the big screen, she was able to hold onto Harry Potter for all 7.5 movies, and made sure it stayed as authentic to the books as possible! There is no doubt in my mind that the same can be done with TBH! Stick to your guns! It’s a wonderful story and it needs to be told, as YOU told it in the books!!

  55. jude says:

    So there is a movie in the works! wow! i am so glad to hear that you a pushing for your script i don’t think fans (myself included!) could trust another with this amazing story!! The Bronze Horseman is my ultimate favourite book ever! I am confident that with your script the beautiful tale of Tatiana & Alexander will be done justice on the big screen :) Thank you for sharing this wondering book with us!!

  56. Natalie says:

    Здравствуйте! Конечно, война – тема труднейшая, и особенно визуальная подача здесь важна. Как по Станиславскому, надо “верить” в то, что видишь. И очень жаль, что многие западные фильмы, касающиеся наших советских реалий – исковерканы и проштампованы банальнейшими стереотипами. Удачи Вам!

  57. Jacki says:

    I agree with Denise, I would rather enjoy the beauty of the story as you wrote it in the book, than see it in movie adaptation. I read The Bronze Horseman when I was Tatiana’s age, and connected with her so perfectly…your book gave me hope that I’d one day find my own Shura. I’m happy to hear that you haven’t budged on using your script, and I wish you luck in the future! Off I go to read The Bronze Horseman for the 5th time (or is it the 6th?)!

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  59. sandra says:

    I am very sorry for you but also do not give up. You really have to find someone who makes the film all the book keeping nothing has changed.
    the day the film will be the best day of my life I will go to the movies every day !!!!!!
    Sorry for my English I am French

  60. Tatia says:

    Szkoda, historia Tatiany i Aleksandra jest taka piękna:) Trzymam kciuki pani Pullino, może się uda:)

  61. Debra says:

    Whilst I am sad that the film is on hold, I am so glad you are sticking to your guns regarding the script. After reading the book as many times as I have (12 now, I know, I know) I feel that only the author of the book can do the script justice in bringing Tania and Shura to life on the big screen.
    I cannot wait until there is a movie and I look forward to seeing it.
    P.S If you need an completely unheard-of actress to play a part in the film, you drop me a line! Haha. This is my favourite story of all time!

  62. Karni malter says:

    Mrs simonns … I thank you for not disappointing our shura and tatianna.. They are so much apart of my soul and who I want to become- that I will gladly wait how many years it takes for me to see them on the big screen.. I wish to thank you for your marvelous books.. You made me feel them

  63. Andreina Jimenez - Venezuela says:

    Hy Paullina! I am from Venzuela, and I have just finished the first and the second book, and I have to say that these books have changed my life, I was glad when I trip to USA I found the Summer Garden in a library, when I saw it, I couldnt beliebe it! I bought it with no doubt, and right now I am finishing it, I just want to say, thank you for giving me a real, beautiful and amazing love story when everything can happen, and dont give up, I will wait what I have to wait for the movie, at least Tatiana and Shura will be in my heart as always! (Sorry for my bad english, I am barely learning how to speak it :D ) thank you again…

  64. Talia says:

    Wow this is so beautiful, I have nearly finished this book and am In Love With It so much Already.
    I did feel at times a cold attitude towards russians in comparison to Americans, however I understand this view poit being Half russian and Half English myself. I was also a little taken a back when the *uhum* aboriton *uhum* topic was bought up, My grandmother was in russia, Leningrad around the time of this book’s setting and she had had an abortion with her abusive partner..then to meet my granfather-who was a soldier and fall madly in love! It’s true.
    So I soon got over because Only two people Truely in love like my Grandmother and her TRUE lover(papa) or Tatiana and Shura(swoon) could make it!
    I love u Paullina. Keep strong and don’t compromise your view.
    Try all options
    Contact Bristish Directors, Italian, French, American, Russian! Just make sure you get the BEST
    Make it big
    Make it impactful
    Make it Come TO *+~LIFE+~*
    You have inspired me
    Talia Arshan.

  65. Georgia says:

    Paulina, thank you for writing The Bronze Horseman Trilogy. These books are an absolute treasure – i think my soul grew those red wings to fly on! I have promised my two girls a set each when they are old enough as it will remain in their hearts forever, as in mine. A movie would no doubt be lovely but the book is all the heart needs. Every now and again through life I find myself needing a ‘hit’ of Tatia and Alexander so your special story is never far from reach!

  66. Lydia says:

    Absolutely fantastic

  67. CJ says:

    I am so so SO disappointed!!! I cannot wait for a movie!! Good luck to you and I really hope it goes ahead. My friends and I are desperate!

  68. ellie says:

    Hey! you might find the film ‘Hope & Glory’ some insporations :) Your The Bronze Horseman has my HEART TTTTTTThankyou

  69. Jessica says:

    I’m so glad you followed your intuition and didn’t give in. You know the story and know what’s right for it.
    I did a bit of film making in Melbourne, and I know, especially having a completed script, that you’re itching to get it out there. Wait and find someone who has the same passion and vision for this story as you do. And someone who gets you excited.
    I can’t wait to see what comes of this.

  70. long time in love says:

    oh, this story has been a part of my life since 2001. I have read and re read so many times, and it is the book I judge all others. I have just reread the summer garden, and once again was a mess of tears at the end. It goes straight to my heart and makes it burst. I would so dearly love to see this movie made well, and only you can write the screenplay. I will keep waiting and hoping, knowing that you will only let it arrive to us perfect. Thank you so much for this story.

  71. Tasha says:

    books are always better then the movies, i get so in to the books it makes me feel like the character!!! you are a fantastic authour and i believe you should write more books!!! :)

  72. A.M says:

    Personally, I am quite happy that the movie has not been made, and am disappointed of the idea of one being made it the future. As the books are my favourite and should only my in written form as that was the way it was intended. Even though the movie will be in your script i do not feel that the movie will be able to tell the story of Alexander and Tatiana the same way as it does in the books. Movies often destroy the books that they were derived from and i do not wish to see the same happen the The bronze horseman. I think that most books should not be made into series and this is at the top of the list. TBH has inspired me to learn the Russian culture and language, it will be a dissapointment to see your work in film, as your books are perfect and should not be put into film. Please consider this point of view, as many will probably share it.

  73. Ronit Lidor says:

    you are the most amazing writer ever. i had the most intense reading period of my life, going through your 3 books about alexander and tatiana. i have been reading non stop for the past 25 years, and i have never had such an experience with other books as i had with yours. do not let anyone write the script, or make you change it. it is perfect. you will find the right people to do the movei. i wish you can do a series over the three books. there is so much in it. one movei is not enough for me….good luck!!!
    you are an amazing writer ! one of a kind! thank you for your awesome books!!!

  74. Nadia says:

    I agree that the book should be made into a series on HBO or Showtime. If it were stretched over a season of episodes, there would be more time to fully develop the characters and plots. It’s such a big epic story, so I feel it would be limited in movie form. Also, if the first season (which in mind is based on the first book) is successful, that could lead to the second book being picked up as well. When it comes to my most favorite books, I always hope it’ll be a one season show or a miniseries, so that the story can be done justice.

  75. Alyssa says:

    I’m dying for that movie to happen. The mini serie is a great idea especially if it’s produced by HBO.
    Directors should be fighting for the movie rights I don’t understand, why Paullina doesn’t have serious propositions.
    The anticipation is crazy, I would do the movie myself if I had the money or the talent lol.

  76. nulled says:

    Thanks for every other informative blog. The place else could I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect means? I’ve a mission that I am simply now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

  77. Lynsey says:

    I don’t want there to be a movie! I’m so I’n love with the story and characters that are written on paper they almost feel real to me. The books are too special to be turned into a movie. Movies cheapen great stories and books, the treasure one gets from reading them are so special that a movie will ruin it. I do not know of a movie that has ever done a book justice. Sorry for those of you who wish to see one made, but i truly hope that one will not be made so can keep tatianas and alexanders story in my heart and mind and not have it ruined by Hollywood.

  78. Jessica says:

    Every time I read this book, my emotions always get the best of me, even though I know what is going to happen in the end. To have this book brought to film will b something amazing, and for this to happen, the script must reflect exactly what the book says. there are too many times when films destroy the story because the director can not bring the book to life. I applaud you for standing by your story and for not wanting to disappoint your fans.
    I know that I, along with all of your other fans from all over the world can hold out to see the film, the film that we know you would be happy to show the world, with the script that we have all fallen in love with

  79. Maria says:

    I’m very sad to hear that. I really love the trilogy and I read it about 10 times each book.

    My english is not very good and I did not understand it very well. thats because I have two questions:

    Will there never be a movie about tatia and shura or just not in 2012?
    And how can they make the three books in just one movie?!
    I think it will be better when there are two or three movies to explain the hole story better. or not? there is so much to tell and to feel so it can be better showes in a movie when there are more parts.

  80. Jenny says:

    Thank you for keeping fans posted on the status of the movie. I love The Bronze Horseman and I think the beautiful story will reach an even wider audience one put to film. In the meantime, I have recommended the trilogy to many, many friends!