Winners of a Signed Copy of Summer Garden to be Announced Soon

January 13, 2011

Thank you! What a plethora of music! As many songs as there were entrees, very few repeats. I loved it. And such an international collection too: Ci Sei Sempre Stata, Luciano Lugabue Ich Bereue Nichts, Silbermond One, U2 Glitter in the Air, Pink A Little Too Much, Natasha Bedingfield And look at the variety of music: There was Say When by the Fray, Day by Day by Frank Sinatra, Acts of Courage by X-ray Dog, The Story by Brandi Carlisle, I Go to Sleep by Sia (though I know this great song as it was sung by the Pretenders), Rooster by Alice in Chains (!), Endless Love by Diana Ross, Bliss by Vanessa Paradis (is this Captain Jack Sparrow’s squeeze?), Marry Me by Train (was recently introduced to this song and love it), Cold Shoulder by the awesome Adele, Maybe I’m Amazed by Wings, Open Arms by Journey, My One and Only Love by Louis Armstrong, She by Elvis Costello, Lonely Nights by the Scorpions, Unintended by Muse. Okay, the names of songs and the girls who chose them have been printed, cut out into strips of paper, put into a big red Santa stocking, and all that’s missing is the 9 year old on the way home from school who will reach her little hand in and choose ten names. I’m hoping in twenty or so minutes. ┬áBack shortly…and I’ll also share with you some of the songs I listened to when I wrote about Tatiana and Alexander. But I’m not putting my own name into a hat.

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