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Musings on Spencer and Lily

December 9, 2011

A fan over on the Facebook page asks: Why did I decide to return to Spencer in another story, not his own?


Because I felt after Red Leaves that Spencer’s journey was cut off in the middle, was left unresolved. In Red Leaves he made himself a life in Hanover, New Hampshire, only to have that life go up in flames by the end of the story. I really liked him as a character and wanted to revisit his life at some later juncture. There were so many things that happened to him in Red Leaves that I wanted to see how those actions affected his life, and whether he suffered consequences because of them.

The Girl in Times Square didn’t start with Spencer, because it is clearly a book about Lily, but he fit like a perfect piece of the unfinished puzzle into it. When I was imagining Lily’s story and saw that a detective had to come to the diner where she worked to investigate the disappearance of her roommate and best friend, I didn’t see a detective, I saw Spencer.

And whereas Red Leaves is a straightforward mystery, The Girl in Times Square is much more of a drama and a character study, where Spencer’s and Lily’s separate journeys and combined road are more fully explored.

P.S. I’m not done with those two! Or, should I say, they’re not done with me.

Frico, from Cristina from Italy

December 6, 2011

My name in Cristina and i’m a your italian fan.

My favourite recipe is the FRICO.



patatoes: 400 g

Montasio cheese: 200 g





Cut the potatoes into small pieces.

Grate the cheese.

Skip the potatoes with a pinch of salt in a little oil, lower the heat and slowly cook the potatoes, stirring often.

When the potatoes are soft, mash coarsely with a fork and add the grated cheese.

Mix well.

When the frico will take  the form of a cake and will be formed a golden crust, you must turn the frico on the other side.

It’s very good to eat.



This is a special recipe that reminds me of my family and happy moments.

The house smelled of cheese.

This is a recipe that my grandmother taught to my mother. My mom taught to me how to cook this recipe: with love and passion.

My mother is like Tatiana. She loves to cook and loves cooking for her familiy. For her to cook is a form of immense love.