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Happy birthday to me!

November 6, 2014

November 6. Celebrating my 20th birthday today. Please no Scorpio jokes, I’ve heard them all, lol. I will entertain some jokes about the October Revolution though, falling on November 7 and my father threatening my young mother with divorce if she gave birth to his first child on the anniversary of that fateful day. She assumed he was joking, yet took no chances. Hence 10:55 am on Nov 6, I came into the world.

I turned up this horoscope earlier, which is so funny for how wrong about me it is:

Being a Scorpio born on November 6th, you are characterized by a shy and artistic demeanor. You are naturally sensitive and have grown to value artistic expression. You may enjoy music, art or writing, although you rarely expose these talents. You work hard to accomplish your goals, showing great determination in your efforts, but this also may be less-evident to others, as you rather complete your work out of the limelight. You use your reserve to distance yourself from others, which explains why your family and friends are still surprised to learn new things about you. These qualities only add to your mystery!

I hope I don’t rarely expose my talents!