Author meets her Tweed fans — Border Tweed Mail

International bestselling author Paullina Simons stopped into Kingscliff for a chat and meal on Wednesday.

The author, most famous for The Bronze Horseman trilogy, was in town to promote her latest book Children of Liberty.

She’s no stranger to Australian shores, but in her past four visits she had never seen the Tweed coastline.

“It’s very beautiful here,” she said. “Like the United States it has beautiful beaches and seaside towns.”

About 60 ladies attended the Kingscliff’s Boardwalk Books event at Babalou restaurant.

“They were all huge fans,” Boardwalk Books employee Nicki Tait said. “They were hanging off every word. I loved that she took you through the personal story of her parents as well, it really colours her stories I think.”

“Simons said she adored the fans coming to speak with her and considers herself lucky,” Mrs. Tait said.

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