Frico, from Cristina from Italy

January 6, 2011

My name in Cristina and i’m a your italian fan.  My favourite recipe is the FRICO.   INGREDIENTS: patatoes: 400 g Montasio cheese: 200 g Salt oil   PREPARATION Cut the potatoes into small pieces. Grate the cheese.Skip the potatoes with a pinch of salt in a little oil, lower the heat and slowly cook the potatoes, stirring often. When the potatoes are soft, mash coarsely with a fork and add the grated cheese. Mix well. When the frico will take the form of a cake and will be formed a golden crust, you must turn the frico on the other side.  It’s very good to eat.  REASON FOR THE CHOISE This is a special recipe that reminds me of my family and happy moments.  The house smelled of cheese. This is a recipe that my grandmother taught to my mother.My mom taught to me how to cook this recipe: with love and passion.  My mother is like Tatiana.She loves to cook and loves cooking for her familiy.For her to cook is a form of immense love.

2 Responses to “Frico, from Cristina from Italy”

  1. Cristina says:

    WOW!!!! Hi Paullina, this is my recipe. It’s an honor to see it published on your website. I wanted to thank my mother for frico. Try to cook frico ok?! ^_^ Kisses

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks Cristina, and thanks Paullina for sharing this, it sounds yummy! Cooking with love really does make your family feel special and makes meal times a family time. Does Cristina have a blog or twitter contact? I’d love to follow her as she seems like a lovely happy lady! xx