Summer Garden, Songs, and Nikita

January 6, 2011

Dear Friends, Howdy! A few things: Please check out a new slideshow of my Road to Paradise tour in media.Photos of my cross country trip are coming shortly. Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, on the news page there is info about the upcoming book. I’m feverishly writing it now, and we’re publishing in the fall of 2012.  I also posted some little tidbits on the Red Leaves page, including the song I obsessively listened to while writing that book.  I will do that for all my books, song by song, let you hear what I listened to while I wrote the books you so kindly read.Just two weeks until the publication of THE SUMMER GARDEN in the United States.We are so excited! This fall in Australia/New Zealand, there will be a special Christmas gift edition of TBH with a beautiful new cover, and a new “deleted scene” chapter from yours truly that shows us a little bit of the new unspoken love and also a little bit about BELLAGRAND, the new book. I will very shortly update everyone on TBH film option situation. And finally, to the right is the new addition to our family, a female German Shepherd puppy named…ta-dah! Nikita. So that when we reprimand her, we can reprimand her by telling her not to stop hiding our socks but to stop declaiming Stalin.  We are picking her up today.  The kids are beyond themselves. Bunny, our Golden, however, couldn’t be LESS excited.  She knows her reign as canine queen of the house is about to end. K9 is coming! Watch latest news for fun announcement for my readers, to be posted imminently or any hour whichever comes first.

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