“Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Russian”

January 5, 2013

I wrote a little blog post over at USA Today about Children of Liberty,  and about two of my favorite movies, Love Story and The Great Gatsby.I wanted to talk about a deep and central part of Children of Liberty,  which is,  of course, Gina and her experience moving to America.

2 Responses to ““Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Russian””

  1. fabiola motbey says:

    i just bought your latest book-may i say i am big fan of yours-got all your books- but i have noticed that there is an ad for children of liberty- part 2- is there a follow up?? Also a while ago you mentioned about a sequel to lily and spencer- is it in the works- hope i get an answer soon-love.love your books!!!fabiola

  2. Sherryl says:

    So enjoyed reading your blog post and the impact Love Story and The Great Gatsby had on you – could see the first play out in Girl in Time Square – I loved the connection. Around the same time I was weeping to the Telemovie, Sunshine. The Great Gatsby was otherworldly for me, the opulence, the glamour, the calmness were something else. Looking forward to Baz Luhrman’s interpretation.