The Bronze Horseman Film News

January 12, 2013

My devoted readers and friends, I’m thrilled to tell you that our mutual dream of seeing The Bronze Horseman on the big screen is one step closer to reality.  ITA Productions, a British company, has optioned the rights to my book. The producer, Martyn Hall, and the director, Sash Andranikian, love Tatiana and Alexander, and want nothing more than to make it into an emotional visual spectacle of a film. Sash, from a long line of animators and movie-makers, is Russian-American like me. He has read all three TBH books, and tells me that he loves them all.  Martyn says The Bronze Horseman is the only book that has made him cry. They are looking to go into pre-production by the end of 2013, and to begin shooting early in 2014. So perhaps by the end of 2014, with a healthy dose of luck, we might have our movie. We are going to be working from a script I wrote, which is fantastic, though it does mean that I have to rewrite it, which inevitably means I have to cut it. As you all know from my books, brevity is hardly my strong suit. My editing process always results in my books becoming twenty percent longer, not thirty percent shorter, which is what Martyn would like. The good news is, the producers are promising that I will be on set to revise and add scenes as needed during filming, so at least we are going to have participation and some small measure of control in the creation of this magical thing called The Bronze Horseman, a movie. I welcome your comments, questions, concerns, and of course, casting suggestions. No, the film will not be in Russian.

388 Responses to “The Bronze Horseman Film News”

  1. Kathryn Dunne says:

    How exciting!!!! I simply can’t wait and so glad the film will be true to the book with you there too!
    Alex Pettyfer would also make a great Alexander but I still love Henry Cavill :)

    Just halfway through Children of Liberty before I load TBH and following 2 books onto my kindle!!

    Thank you Paullina!!

    • Abbey says:

      I’m over the moon that TBH is going to be made into a movie! However, I don’t think Alex Pettyfer should be casted as Alexander. I watched him in a few movies and he doesn’t connect with the audience at all. I don’t find him very articulate and above all he is not how I imagined Alexander. I think there is a shortage of tall dark featured actors out there that fit the bill but maybe we’re not looking hard enough, I think he’s out there somewhere! Henry Cavill is obviously getting on so it rules him out, although I think he would be the perfect grown up Alexander. As for Tatiana, I don’t know but I would know if I saw her. She has to be small and blonde and fine featured but NOT commercial looking (someone said Diana Agron, I love her but no.) And she should be proper foreign. I also think the cast should be a bunch of unknowns, it would give the movie character and especially if they can cast some native Russian’s for the roles too it would make it authentic. I would HATE for this film to be a flop. Please don’t cast this Alex chap, it would be almost as bad as casting Tom Cruise for Jack Reacher. Love your work though Paullina! Best book/trilogy I have ever read by a country mile.

    • JessiV says:

      Yay!!!! So excited. But i dont see alex pettyfer as alexander. For me henry is alexander. Or someone else. But alex is just not dark and brooding the way i imagine alexander to be.

    • suzy says:

      Dear Paulina,
      So excited you for you in the making of TBH, best ever!!! I truly think Henry Cavill, so many if us vision him as Shura!!

  2. Frances says:

    I love Alex Pettyfer for Akexander! Henry Cavill would also be great

    • Irene says:

      I completely agree! Henry Cavill is the perfect Alexander! I personally think Alex Pettyfer is kinda short to play him.

      • Ilaria says:

        Why now that he has turned Superman can not do Alexander?

        Henry is perfect!!! HE’S ALEXANDER. STOP.

        • Alessandra says:

          Alexander Skarsgard (I think thats how you spell his surname) would be a great Alexander.
          Apart from sharing the same name, from his acting on True Blood, he has the ‘nice guy deep inside but a bit crazy on the outside’ persona down pat.

      • Linda says:

        Hanry Cavill !!!!

  3. Ashley says:

    OMFG YESSSSS IM SOOOO EXCITEDDDD!!! TBH is literally my favorite book everrr. I think that Henry Cavill should play Alexander.

  4. Paulina says:

    Henry Cavill will be the best!!!

  5. noemi says:

    it isn’t ALEXANDER

  6. Dena says:

    Love it!!

  7. Lyndy says:

    Although Alex was not my initial vision of Alexander, I think he would be amazing!!! :)

  8. Yarden says:

    no, Henry Cavill will be great as Alexander and Romola Garai as Tatiana

  9. Anastasia says:

    Oh My Gosh Paullina, I’m very very happy for this news. I’m crying for happiness…Thank you so mouch!!! ♥

  10. Luisa says:

    I would prefer an unknown actor with perfect teeth. Please get Shura’s casting right, dear casting gods!

  11. Eva says:

    Such good news!

    Please Paullina, consider Henry Cavill as Alexander!! :)

  12. Pina says:

    I love Alex Pettyfer but he isn’t Shura! Alexander has black hair and Pettyfer doesn’t.
    And what about Tatia? Please, a younger actress, maybe not much famous…
    Buuuut I’m so excited about the film! I wish you and to all the crew all lucky of this world!

    • Carla says:

      It’s very easy to give him a black hair. ;)

      • Pina says:

        Carla, you’re right but I don’t know, I’m not sure he can be the REAL Shura.
        Anyway, i suggest Keira Knightley for Dasha and Clémence Poésy or Emile de Ravin for Tatia.
        Henry Cavill for Alexander, but I think he doesn’t like.
        We’ll just see the cast and hoping for a good and beautiful movie!

        • Carla says:

          Henry Cavill is too old. No way he can look like 22. And Paullina said he can’t be Alexander because he is Superman.
          Keira Knightley is very beautiful but she doesn’t seem to be 17 either.

          • Paulina says:

            In my opinion Alex Pettyfer is not look like typicall american man.
            What about Tania, She has to be russian actress or from another slavs country, she should look like a brittle person but very brave inside:)

  13. Joanna says:

    Well, not really – Pettyfer is too “young”. Cavill as a better option.

    • Carla says:

      Alexander is only 22 in the book. So, why can’t Pettyfer be him? much better than Cavill who is not just too old, but also has a complete absence of facial expression. He’s great for Superman but not to be Alexander.

  14. Elaine says:

    This is fantastic news Paullina. I don’t have any suggestions for Tatiana, but I think Henry Cavill would be the perfect Alexander!

  15. Marilise says:

    Paullina, I can’t wait to see TBH beeing filmed.. I loved the books so much and I’m 100% sure that I will love the movie, too. Alex Pettyfer as Shura is just perfect.. Hope to hear soon something more about your film!!!

  16. Aly says:

    Agreed with Alex pettyfer and Henry cavill. I am soooooo thrilled this is finally happening!!!

  17. Jamie Lewis says:

    YAY!!! I’m so excited for this news! I can’t wait! Thank you, Paullina!

    I love Alex Pettyfer for Alexander.

  18. Aleasha says:

    That is amazing, I’m so excited!!
    I don’t see Alex Pettyfer as Alexander.. He doesn’t seem the right build or colouring., would love to see a tall dark stubbly man as I imagine him to be!
    Thanks for the update Paullina! x

  19. Megan says:

    Oh I’m so excited to read this. I’m sorry but Alex Pettyfer is not who I visualise Alexander to be. I know Henry Cavill is a firm favourite of the fans, and can definitely see him in the role, but if not him, I’ve always seen Zachary Levi as a good contender. At least he has the height, the eye colour and the overall ‘look’ of Alexander.

  20. Daniela G says:

    Dear Paullina,


    It’s wonderful that you will be involved throughout the process.

    This is so exciting and I can’t wait to hear more about the progress of the production as it unfolds.

    I think Alex Pettyfer is great, but have you considered Henry Cavill? He has always been Alexander in my mind! Although whoever is cast will be perfect and I’m sure we will fall in love with him all over again!

    All the best,

  21. Lorien says:

    I agree with Henry Cavill!! Not so much Alex Pettyfer. Ick.

  22. Olga says:

    Henry Cavil as Alexander but who could play the other big role – Tatiana?

  23. Lenka says:

    Nooo! Alex NO! :(
    But, film would be perfect! :D

  24. Michelle says:

    Very excited for the movie! NOT excited if Alex Pettyfer plays Shura. He’s all wrong!

  25. Shannon says:

    This has to be the very BEST news!! I am so excited, I was starting to think we would not get out movie and I cannot wait!! Thanks for sharing :)

  26. alessandra says:

    Stephen Amell is perfect for Shura!!!! I love Alex but he has not pain and enough strenght in the eyes..

  27. Sarah Meadows says:

    Yikes! How exciting! He looks pretty cute… when I first read TBH 12 years ago Ben Affleck was my Alexander but I think that ship has sailed now…

  28. Leelo says:

    Amazing news! Never thought of Pettyfer for Alexander (way too small) but why not <3

    J'attendrai les prochaines updates avec impatience! =D

  29. dominique says:

    io propongo Stephen Amell……sono così FELICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. dnisin says:

    I think Alex is perfect, could not have a better Alexander it. Tatiana to think that I woul … maybe someone unknown. is an idea.

    I look forward to the book was released here in Brazil. =D

  31. Rachel says:

    Dakota or Elle fanning for tatiana!

  32. Luana says:

    THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER. I hope it all works out, and YES for Alex Pettyfer!!

  33. Lily from Poland says:

    I’m so happy! I was waiting for this moment :D I think the best actor will be Henry Cavill, like Frances wrote :)

  34. noa says:

    Im soooooo happy to read you tonight !!
    Finally ! I know you make the good choice for tatia and shura !

  35. Maria says:

    Yay! Finally!

    My first and only choice for Alexander was always Henry Cavill but unfortunately he’s 30 now and i don’t think he’s suited for the part anymore, age-wise. Other than that, he has Alexander written all over him and fans of the book worship him!!!

    Alex Pettyfer is very promising and an interesting option. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as Alexander. (if you don’t cast Henry Cavill…)

  36. Marcelle says:

    My heart just did somersaults! I cannot wait to hear more news!

    Alex Pettyfer looks like a perfect but please please PLEASE look into Alison Lohman for Tatiana<3 she is a wonderful actress and totally looks the part.

  37. Alex Hughes (New Zealand) says:

    I think Alex Pettyfer definitely has the looks to play Alexander (you can always dye his hair dark!), but I’m not sure if he’s buff enough! There will always be people who disagree with casting choices, because we have all built up a picture in our minds as to what these characters look like, but I’m sure if Paullina has input then the end result will be her idea of Alexander and Tatiana, and that’s the most important thing. Can’t wait to see who is cast as Tatia!!

  38. Sophia Woods says:

    Omg how exciting! I have always said TBH books would make a GREAT a movie series and you’re going it that’s awesome. I can’t wait to see it. Now I have to read TBH all over again so I can imagine who I think would be great for the parts.

  39. Rachel says:

    Great news!!!! Henry Cavill is my number 1 for Alexander but I can see it in Alex too.

  40. Anastasia says:

    Stephen Amell for Shura, but every actor you choose, he will be good for me, I trust you ♥

  41. Viviana says:

    OMG, Paullina I’m crying!
    I’m so happy to read this news, it’s so marvellous that I can’t believe it!

  42. alessandra says:

    OH PAULLINA!! we are a group of italian fans completely entrapped in Shura and Tatia story.., we read and read and read again and again and again..we are completely shocked fb this great news!!!!Absolutely a dream comes true!!

  43. Ana Zaun says:

    I’m beyond excited to hear that my beloved TBH will be mae into a movi I love Tatiana and Alexander dearly. Not sure that I see Alex as shura. I see more of a Henry Cavill or a tall, dark haired, with caramel colored eyes.

  44. Megan says:

    Sarah, Ben Affleck was always who I pictured too when I originally read it.

  45. Carla says:

    I would be very disappointed if the choice was Henry Cavill. He looks … empty. No way he could ever convey the depth of Alexander. Alex Pettyfer is a much better choice. I just can’t wait for the movie!!!

  46. Stacey says:

    I am beyond excited for this!! So happy for you, congrats!!!! I’m not fond of Alex Pettyfer for Shura. I think that model Marco Dapper has come the closest I’ve thought of so far. :) I have done a few fan pic edits on a TBH fan page. You can check them out here!!/pages/For-The-Love-Of-The-Bronze-Horseman/388652474549341

  47. Tammy H Joyce says:

    I am so excited & can not wait! The TBH is my favorite book hands down! I would love to see Maksim Chmerkovskiy as the lead role…

  48. Alyssa says:

    I am speechless, I wanted this project to happen so badly !
    I miss the message board though I would really like to discuss the project with other readers !
    I’m all for Alex Pettyfer is Michael Fassbender can play older Alexander !

  49. Katie says:

    Henry Cavill. (A big NO vote for Alex for many, many reasons… his acting ability, for one.)

  50. lindsey says:

    SO THRILLED. I am so happy for you being such an intregal part of the movie process. And yes on Alex, I always pictured Henry Cavill as well but I am on board.

  51. Ashley says:

    I don’t really like Alex Pettyfer to alexander tho… I still prefer Henry Cavill. But for Tatia i would say Emilie de Ravin.

  52. Angela Delnevo says:

    I have been waiting to hear this news forever. I’m so thrilled and happy for you. I like the idea of Alex too. Do you have a particular choice of Tatiana?

  53. Heather says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading your books since, “Tully,” was published. Your writing is amazing, visual, and soul wrenching. TBH series got me through a major relationship ending. Showed me what a devoted and passionate love felt like. I can’t wait for the movie! And very glad to hear you’ll be there through the whole filming so that your voice isn’t lost during the editing process.

  54. Michela says:

    Hi Paullina!
    I’m so glad that TBH will be a movie…!
    I love the trilogy and can’t wait to see Tatia and Shura’s story on the big screen.

    You know, I’m Italian and graduated in languages… especially English and Russian :) I love Russian culture and literature so when I read your books it was like discovering a world that I love page to page…
    YES for Pettyfer (or maybe he’s too young?) but Henry Cavill was my first choice when I pictured Alexander in my mind the first time…I have to say that he’s quite old now.
    About other members of the cast I’d like Johnathan Rhys-Meyers as Dimitri (he has that ice-glance which is perfect for a Russian); Josh Hartnett as Anthony (he would be awesome!) and Amy Adams or Mia Kirschner as Dasha (I like them both).. I still have to think for Tatiana…hard choice!

  55. Mariaddy says:

    Wow wow wow I’m so excited! Not bad this Pettyfer, he has an intense gaze… better than Cavill!
    As Tatiana only an actress is perfect! Her name is Melanie Thierry: 5′ 3″, blonde hair, freckles, vivid lips, innocent eyes, square jaw…and the eternal girl’s face! The main thing is that is an excellent actress! Look here:

  56. rachelw says:

    OMG!! I’m so happy to know that a film is coming! finally after waiting so long.

  57. Ella Musoev says:

    Omg. I’m so excited. It will def be a girls night out!!! Can’t wait!!

  58. Sam says:

    Hi Paullina! This is great, oh my God!!! I’m so happy to cry ç________ç

    I can’t wait for the movie, and we all trust in your ability to be faithful to the books!

    For Shura, What do you think about Jay Ryan?

    I love him so much, and everytime I look at him, in my head something shouts “ALEXANDER!”

    Thanks for everything <3

  59. Covadonga says:

    I´m soooo excited about this!!!
    Alex Pettyfer doesn´t look bad (although I don´t know who is he). I know it will be very difficult to have Henry Cavill in the movie now that he is involved in the Superman franchise, so we have to think of someone else, but it´s so difficult!! Henry will always be my Alexander. When I read the novel for the first time years ago, Josh Hartnett was my Alexander, but now I always picture him as Henry.

  60. Paula says:

    FINALLY!!! I just can’t wait:D:D:D But Pettyfer as Alexander? never… in my imaginations he was like Hugh Jackman, a strong man who can brake a wall one hand. Pettyfer is like a handsome teenager, but Alexander is a truly man, a soldier with bruises and scars. For me – e.g. Chris Hemsworth as Alexander and Amanda Seyfried as Tatiana. This is my example, it could be someone else, but pleeeaasseee, not Alex Pettyfer…

    p.s. I LOVE e v e r y part about A&T:):) Thank you:*

    • Melissa says:

      Mixed emotions about a movie – the book remains my all time favourite, never get tired of reading it! terrified that it may not stay true to all that the book evokes in a person and in your imagination! The casting is so important! True, Henry Chavil may be a bit older than Alex p, but since Alexander has had so much happen to him, Alex p just looks too young and innocent , not at all strong and silent and older in experience than in years.
      Maybe Hillary Burton for Tatia? Small and wide eyed, I think she’d do a good job.
      PLEASE dont let kiera knightly anywhere near this film!!!!!! while she is beautiful, she lacks that special something – definitely NOT good for the role of Dasha.

  61. Sam says:

    This is great news, though I admit to being very nervous about it! Would the film cover TBH only, with possible 2nd and 3rd movies for the other two books? I just can’t imagine squeezing 3 into 1…

    I’m not sold on Alex Pettyfer. Henry Cavill looks more like the Shura in my head, but he might be a bit old now. Whoever gets it needs to be able to carry the role and do it well, obviously. :)

    Paullina, do you have any ideas for who could play Tatiana? Lately I’ve been mulling over Emelia Clarke. She is small and and lush!

  62. Aurere says:

    Henry Cavill for Alexander please! He will be perfect for the role! Love this news!

  63. Chelsea says:

    Henry Cavill is the perfect Alexander! Alex Pettyfer isn’t manly enough!! His looks are too boyish!

  64. Made my day. Your books changed my life in a positive way, I cannot thank you enough. Love you, I hope to meet you and shake your hand one day! Wish you and your family all the best.

  65. Laura-Beth says:

    Think my heart just skipped a beat!
    There is so much emotion in the TBH series. I remember being so angry when Alexander cheated – or almost cheated – on Tatiana and I couldn’t continue reading for almost 2 hours!
    I’m so excited! Congrats Paullina!! <3

  66. Donna Webeck says:

    Ohhhhhhh WOW, I am so excited!!! I already cannot wait to start counting down the sleep’s til I gather together a group of my equally TBH devoted girlfriends and glue our eyes to the silver screen!

  67. Dee says:

    Henry cavil for Alexander!

  68. Laurie says:

    That is so exciting! I can’t wait to see this book as a movie!

  69. aurelia says:

    This is very good news!!! But Alex Pettyfer… He’s to much boy, not enough man. I hope you know what I mean.

  70. Kristína says:

    I´m so happy that this perfect book is going to be movie!
    But i think that Alex Pettyfer is not good match to Alexander… in my head at least. Alexander should be dark-haired and more.. i don´t know.. Alexander.

  71. Chicca says:

    No Alex! He is too young! Shura is darker, taller, and really more… gorgeous…
    But I’m still really happy for the whole new!

  72. Lara says:

    I’m so excited! I like Alex Pettyfer, but he’s not big enough. He’s short and slight and not handsome enough. While reading the books I always envisioned Henry Cavill as Alexander. Google him, he’s worth a look.

  73. Justyna says:

    I think that Henry Cavill is perfect as Alexander!

  74. Alana says:

    Yes best news ever!! So damn happy! Also jake gyllenhall would also be a good shura. Xxx

  75. Melissa says:

    Wonderful News! Especially that Paullina will be involved in the script writing & that the director has Russian heritage too. Plus the English will do a way better job then Hollywood! Pettyfer doesn’t look dark & mysterious enough for Alexander & also a bit small framed I thought!? But I trust Paullina’s judgement! Can’t wait!

  76. Rosana says:

    No me gusta mucho este hombre para Shura, me parece que le queda mejor a Henry Cavill, Alex Pettyfer es muy rubio y me parece pequeño para el tamaño que tiene Alexandr….Igual muy feliz con la pelicula!!!! Espero que se lo mas rapido posible!!!!Gracias Paullina Simons por tan bella historia!!!!

  77. Katrin says:

    WOW! What a wonderful news! I always thought as Henry Cavill for a perfect Alexander (dark hair like Pushkin :) ) Alex Pettyfer is a great actor though, so this is a good idea also.
    P.S. Love your books Paullina!

    • Carla says:

      Henry Cavill is also short to play Alexander. He shoud have 7 cm more (at least). Henry Cavill has no facial expression. I think he’s a terrible actor and he wouldn’t be intense as Alexander is. But that’s my opinion, of course.

  78. Milena says:

    How exciting!!! We all have been waiting for any news on TBH movie for long time, it will be so good to finally see it.

  79. Sean says:

    It might seem a bit out there to suggest a Russian actor but Alexander is supposed to have been brought up in the Soviet Union. Petrenko is an accomplished actor and has a resume that suits including English language skill.

  80. Muireann says:


  81. Amber says:

    I don’t imagine him as Alexander.. Maybe Pasha or another officer? As many have said, Henry Cavill would be perfect. As for Tatiana, I think the actress shouldn’t be a ‘mainstream’ actress..

  82. Debora says:

    Dear Paullina… I don’t have words enough for explain all my happiness!!
    TBH was, is and will be my favorite book, so I really hope that the movie could be beautiful and powerful as much tbh is!!
    I send you all my bless hoping that our dreams comes true!!

  83. Lisa says:

    Seriously I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that picture! Alex Pettyfer was always my Alexander, he can do charisma like no one else. He hasn’t had a real standout role yet but this would be perfect fit for both him and the book. Would be so excited if he got cast as Alexander. Please please please stay away from the so called A-listers just because they are A-listers. If you want a gritty performance Pettyfer will most certainly deliver. I still have no idea who could play Tatiana, would have to be an unknown I think.

  84. Tina Shumaker says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally TBH will come to life on the big screen!!!!!!

  85. Naline says:

    THIS IS EXCITING OH MY GOD! I’m about to comple The last book and this is the best news to hear. I’m not sure if Alex Pettyfer will do good. He’s sexy yeah but i don’t think he can pull off an Alexander. I’m really hoping that the cast is not filled with lime light stars. fresh would be real nice, but, I’ll be contect with whatever you gice us as long as it remains true~ <3

  86. ersy says:

    NO Alex Pettyfer NO

  87. Kate says:

    Zac Efron oath wise. See the ‘lucky one’

  88. Patricia Mead says:

    Oh Happy Day! Try not to make too short–2 least! I still like the actress that plays Richard Castle’s daughter on “Castle” fits the bill for Tatia. Alex Pettyfer is quite handsome.

  89. Eva says:

    Elisabeth Harnois would be great Tatiana. What do you think about her??

  90. Greek fan of the books says:

    I’m so glad it’s finally becoming a movie!! I can’t wait!! But to be honest, I can only see Henry Cavill portraying Alexander!! While reading the books, I couldn’t picture anyone being Shura… but when I saw a pic of Henry Cavill – the one on IMDB actually- I was speechless!! He is Shura!!

  91. Amy says:

    Awesome! So glad that this is happening. I really hope it’s done well, I’ll be heartbroken if it isn’t. Henry Cavill will always be the perfect Alexander to me.

  92. Kate says:


    I’ve loaned the books out to everyone I know who reads and they love them, the pages are so beat up from all the loving.

    I’d agree with Alex Pettyfer – as long as you dyed his hair. Just sayin’. :)

  93. Claudia says:

    Oh Gad this is a really good news! I am speechless! Please…for the role of Tatiana Metanova could you choose a young girl who is clooser than possibile to the age of seventeen! I could imagine Tatia right now. She has to be the young innocent girl that make me cry! I think also that Henry Cavill would be perfet to join the role of Alexander!

  94. Rowena says:

    Yay can’t wait from the moment I read the books I so wanted them to be made into movies it’s fantastic news

  95. Ana says:

    That is fantastic news! Hopefully you can turn it into a trilogy!
    I would love to see Henry Cavill as Alexander!
    I am holding my breath for the movie.
    Best of luck!


  96. Kirsty says:

    And Amanda Seyfried as Tatia ;)

  97. Luisa says:

    Awesome news!!! Definitely Henry Cavill for Shura…

  98. Greek fan of the books says:

    I would like to add that Henry Cavill not only is amazingly looking, like Alexander, but also has a darkness in the eyes, exactly like Alexander!

  99. Tanya says:

    I am delighted to hear that the movie is finally becoming a reality!

    Alex Pettyfer is a phenomenal actor, however I do not believe he is strong enough to be Alexander.

    Henry Cavill has always been Shura in my mind.

  100. Tova says:

    This news made me so gleeful. It’s always great when the producer and director share the adoration for a work. The suggestion above seems very good indeed, but I will propose the Canadian actor Peter Mooney (google his name and the series Camelot). In my opinion, he resembles a younger Henry Cavill, who many wishes could have been Alexander.

  101. Mellany says:

    That’s amazing I can’t wait :)

  102. Ebony says:

    Love Alex as Alexander. He is gorgeous. Danila Kozlovsky is my other choice. So, so happy that this might become a movie. My favorite book ever!!

  103. Julia says:

    Fantastic news to read today! How truly exciting it must be to potentially raise your verbal text to visuals that will capture the hearts of millions around the world. I’m sure all of us readers have created the scenes in our own minds, thanks to your fantastic descriptions, and I’m sure you will not leave out a detail of what will be a masterpiece. (ps…a yes for Alex, but hair…maybe a little darker!)

  104. Helena says:

    Finally, good news! Can’t wait to see the movie. Allthough I am a little concerned about the director being male. I hope he can put all the imaginations and hopes of the female readers on screen and won’t disappoint us (;
    Henry Cavill for Alexander!

  105. Stephbroox says:

    OMG finally a movie *happy dance* best news ever :) I’m a huge french fan and I’m excited, thank you for this news :)
    I love Alex Pettyfer but not for my shura *smile*
    This is the link for my video with frenh subtitles about the first book and Henri Cavill or Channing Tatum will be perfect for Alexandre Barrington Belov in my opinion :)

  106. Bea says:

    So this is a very good news!!!

  107. charmain says:

    OMG i cannot believe it DREAMS DO COME TRUE….

    I dont like that guy as Alexander he needs to be more manly he just looks like a boy.

    Henry Cavill would be the best!!!

  108. sim says:

    jon kortajarena and Emily De Ravin = Shura and Tatia

  109. Rennae says:

    So excited for you Paullina, The Bronze Horseman deserves to be a movie, congratulations! I love all of your books, but must admit TBH series are my absolute favourite. (my son’s name is Alexander!!!)

  110. lauren says:

    Funnily enough i always pictures Dimitri to look like alex pettyfer… but i think he would be great as alexander!! i am very excited at the prospect of a film. i just picked the book up again yesterday then saw this link on my friends facebook!!

  111. lauren says:

    Yay!! finally!! cannot wait to read more. i just started reading again yesterday then saw this on frances’ facebook!! Axex pettyfer would be great as Alexander!!

  112. Victoria Smith says:

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! You’ll do an amazing job and hopefully this company will work better! And Alex pettyfer is an AMAZING choice for Alexander!! So happy for you!

  113. sarah says:

    Brilliant news! I never thought u would change your mind! The Tania and shuts trilogy are still the best books I’ve ever read!!!!!! Can’t wait!

  114. sarah says:

    Damn phone! That was meant to be shura x

  115. Jamie says:

    So excited to see one of my top 3 fav books as a film!!! Henry Cavill is my Alexander!:) Best of luck with the project Paullina!

  116. Jess says:

    Aww it’s awesome! I’m so excited, just a few days ago I was talking with a friend of mine about a movie for these extraordinary books!! :’)

  117. JeanA says:

    SO excited! We are a family of avid fans! Personally I think Alex Pettyfer would be PERFECT for Alexander! I hope the role of Tatiana will not Kierra Knightly however….I think she should be younger and to have not already done these kinds of roles. This is very exciting! We will sleep outside just waiting in line to be first in the theater!

  118. [...] Proponete a Paullina il vostro Alexander, la vostra Tania, Dasha, Pasha… fatevi sentire e intanto gioite con me!!! Mi piace:Mi piace Caricamento… [...]

  119. Nicole says:

    I am sooo excited!!! I cannot wait to see it! :D

  120. Lara says:

    Henry Cavill can be the only person to play Alexander!!! :(

  121. ellie says:

    I say yes yes yes and yes again for Alex Pettyfer as Alexander

  122. Margaret says:

    Ideal choice. Who will be his partner?I aloso enjoyed the trailer. All looked good there too.

  123. I think Alex Pettyfer is very handsome, and definitely tall enough to be Alexander but, maybe not quite manly enough yet. I imagine seeing a difference in age between Shura and Tatiana. Henry Cavill is my vote. I can definitely see him not playing, but being Alexander. He would pull off that Red Army uniform so well! And maybe Emma Watson as Tatiasha. She’s petite enough and even has those freckles Alex raves about! ;)

  124. Rima says:

    Yaaaay so excited but definitely henry cavill as Alexander :)

  125. LindaH says:

    i cannot express my excitement enough!!

    your choice for Alex is hot! what about Tatia? Any potentials?

    Keep us posted!!

  126. Lara says:

    I would also accept Jamie Dornan

    • Sam says:

      Of all the non-Henry Cavill suggestions so far, this is the one I can actually see potential in!

  127. Susan Liddell says:

    This is fantastic news Paullina! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait for the journey to begin! I also think Alex Pettifer would make a good serious strong Alexander!

  128. silvana says:

    more more beautiff book and movy

  129. Anna says:

    Ben Affleck is also my Alexander but I guess he likes to direct his own movies now…..

  130. Lara says:

    Also, I think it could’ve been done in a mini-series with 1 hour episodes like they are doing with Game of Thrones. That’s not a mini-series but you know what I mean. Then you wouldn’t have to cut anything down. :) )

  131. Fabiola says:

    Oh, this is great news! And I do like Alex Pettyfer for Alexander. The only thing I hope is that they pick the right Tatiana. She has to be the perfect choise!

  132. tash says:

    Great News can’t wait
    Def not Alex though a little girly looking, doesn’t fit the description at all
    Give the fans what they want and that is Henry Cavill by far
    Even though he is playing superman he can still play Alexander

  133. Nicole says:

    Congratulations on this very exciting news!! And yes, PLEASE for Alex Pettyfer! What a wonderful choice for Alexander!!

  134. Shana says:

    So excited for the film. But yuck on Alex Pettyfer. He’s a total jerk and not my idea of Alexander at all.

  135. Abera says:

    This is very exciting news Paullina! And Yes for Alex Pettyfer as Alexander!

  136. louise says:

    he looks the part hope you can get him

  137. Chala says:

    Wow he is definitely the shura I imagined! So excited can’t wait to see the movie

  138. Carol says:

    Wow. Double wow. You could knock me over with a feather. Not only did I receive my copy of “Children of Liberty” today, but now THIS TREMENDOUS NEWS?!?

    As tough as script revisions can be, I am so thankful it is YOU doing the cutting…and not someone who doesn’t understand the intricacies of the story and characters.

    BEST OF LUCK to you, Paullina! You have made so many people so incredibly happy by bringing Shura an Tatia into our lives; you deserve to revel in every second of this amazing adventure you are on.

    PS – I’ll be posting my casting thoughts as soon as I can calm down and focus! :)

  139. Manne says:

    OMG! That’s a wonderful news! But I don’t like Alex Pettyfer. WE WANT Henry Cavill for playing Alexander!

  140. Lidia says:

    How exciting! I just read all 3 books recently.
    I’d love Alexander Skarsgard to play Alexander. He has the height and is gorgeous!

  141. Rebecca says:


  142. Danielle says:

    I just jumped for joy reading this!! If the movie is even half as good as the book it will be amazing!!!! Please let this be for real!!

  143. nicci says:

    This is the best news i have heard in a long time. Im reading the book again. Wod love 2 c it in the big screen especially. if u help write the script. Wow how exciting :-)

  144. Bella says:

    This is the BEST NEWS EVER! I am so excited for this movie and so happy for you!
    I think Drew Roy would be a good Alexander :)

  145. Joanne says:

    omg.yes a movie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. read yhe TBH trilogy twice and could read it again and again. Henry Cavill plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. xo

  146. Rachelle Anderson says:

    I’m beyond excited about this! I’ve never wanted a book to come to life on the big screen more! Congrats and good luck with the editing!! I’m not sure about Alex Pettyfer for Alexander. He’s got the looks just not the dominating personality onscreen to carry out the character. I think of Tom Hardy possibly for that type of personality onscreen. Someone dark, mysterious and strong minded.

  147. Daniela says:

    Oh Paullina, This is really exciting, the only problem would be waiting for the release date!

    When you were in Australia, you mentioned that Ryan Gosling was a contender for the role Alexander – is this still the case (hubba hubba)?

    Regardless, the fact that you will be involved, I’m sure the perfect Shura will be cast!

    Congratulations on getting one step closer to this exciting venture!

    Daniela x

  148. Jen says:

    I would totally see the movie the midnight on the day it comes out.

  149. jessica says:

    omg, finally alexander and Tatiana will come to life on screen. this is awesome news

  150. mish says:

    Wow, how exciting!!! This has brought tears of joy to my eyes. I have butterflies in my belly now anticipating this wonderful story to be told visually. im sooooo Glad Paullina u waited and have wrote the script and will be on set!! This is truly going to be epic!!!! xoxoxo

  151. Jasmina says:

    I am beyond excited!!!

    And I love Alex Pettyfer!!

  152. Tracey says:

    Words can not describe how I feel about these 3 books! The Bronze Horseman is so special to me and is my favourite book of all time. Can not wait to see it on the big screen! Yes to Alex Pettyfer! x

  153. Emily says:

    I love this book so much and definitely think Ben affleck should play as Alexander as he is more of a manly figure then Alex pettyfer! Can’t wait!

  154. Sabrine says:

    AAAARRRRGGGHH!!!! SO excited!! Congratulations! So glad you’ll be having your say in its production too!! I SECOND HENRY CAVILL!!! GOOD LUCK!!

  155. Alessandra says:

    Omg what a great news!! I’m so excited. Henry Cavill has always been my Shura, but I think Alex Pettyfer might be a good choice as well. How about Robert Pattinson, from Cosmopolis and Water for Elephants? Thanks for sharing these wonderful news and for allowing us to give our opinion. I can’t wait for the official cast announcement! Xx

  156. Melissa says:

    I am screaming right now. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! 2014 is a long wait away, but it’s okay as long as this brilliant novel shows up on the big screen.

    I still cannot and refuse to let go of my love for Henry Cavill as Alexander. He’s just perfect, and almost exactly how I pictured Shura. I have no ideas on Tatia yet, but if I ever do I’ll post.

    I think it’s amazing that you have a say in the move, along with the fact that the producer loves the story as much as we do. I know it’ll be great that way, Tatia and Shura have a lot to live up to and do not deserve to be written off badly in a movie, and I now I know they won’t!

    P.S. I cried at least 3 times while reading Children of Liberty…another success Paullina. You are the queen of writing and love stories :)

  157. Alison says:

    I always pictured a darker Jude Law as Alexander! I don’t think he’s young enough now however! Alex Pettyfer is definitely not a bad call!

  158. Anushka says:

    This wonderful news. The Bronze Horseman entered my heart in a way no other book has and I devoured the trilogy in 4 days!

  159. Jessie says:

    Yes!!! Love Alex Pettyfer!! Hope he says yes xx

  160. Sherryl says:

    Very excited for you!! and us!!

    Lately I like the French actor Michael Cohen for Shura…(but alas maybe he’s a bit old?!)

  161. Sarina says:

    Fantastic news! Alexander must must must be played by Henry Cavill!
    I think a majority of fans would love to see Henry Cavill as Alexander and he is my first choice.
    I did watch the movie ‘Dear John’ recently and thought Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried had a good chemistry on screen and could possibly play Alexander and Tatiana. Just a thought.

  162. Ebony says:

    I am very excited about this! I really love Danila Kozlovsky for Alexander. He is an amazing Russian actor but speaks English as well.

    I have a request…Is there a way to get the people behind the making of the movie to set up an Official Bronze Horseman Movie page on facebook? The upcoming Vampire Academy movie has a page run by the makers of the movie and it has generated so much hype and a lot more fans. They also keep the fans up to date first, before the rest of the world and has so many loyal followers just from being made to feel important.
    I would love The Bronze Horseman to be successful as it my favorite book of all time. People that don’t know about it are truly missing out. I think a facebook page would also get more people reading the book.

  163. nicki says:

    I do like him but I’ll be honest I’ve had Rob Pattinson as Shura stuck in my head from the start. I,m so excited for this film

  164. Natasha says:

    I’m scared and excited! I love this story and have taken on board so much from it! I think it’s great that there’s another person with a Russian background working on it! Good luck- I’m looking forward to loving it!
    Ps- Henry Cavill for Alexander!

  165. Nathalie says:

    Oh Paullina, that is fantatsic news. TBH is my all time favourite story.

    Alex Pettyfer would make a perfect Alexander as would Leonardo diCaprio.

    I highly recommend Amanda Seyfried as Tatiana!

  166. Cynthia says:

    I am so over the moon! So so so excited! Alex Pettyfer wouldn’t be a terrible choice but I definitely think Henry Cavill would be perfect!
    This has reminded me to re-read the trilogy for the fourth time! <3

  167. JO says:

    yes pleaseeeeeee , I read the triology twice and can read it again and again.
    absolutly amazing book.Henry Cavill for Shura.

  168. Flora says:

    Henry Cavill would be the perfect choice. So many of my friends have told me that they too, when reading the book, had Henry Cavill in their minds as Alexander. He is the perfect combination of handsome, masculine yet gentle.

  169. chris says:

    O.M.G. I cant wait for my wife to drag me to the movies to watch this one… cause hearing about alexander and tatiana isnt enough… my cousin is obsessed with these books to the point where if these were actually real people the would probably stalk them… shes an actor, she wants to play tatiana!
    Once again im thrilled… not only do I have to hear about how much I should be like alexander now I will get to see how much I should look like him…

  170. Andrea says:

    So exciting!!! I can not wait!! But no to Alex as shura!!! It needs to be Henry cavil!!! I dont think Alex petyfer is the best actor??? Which would be a bad start…

  171. Sienna says:

    YES YES YES for Alex Pettyfer
    and one more time YES!!!!!!!!

  172. A. Tartaro says:

    Wow so glad to hear it is finally going ahead! Most importantly you are a part of the Movie and are able to assist and use your script!!!!
    Can’t wait to get updates!!!!! Would love to see Channing Tatum as Alexander but he his probably too Hollywood now but a look alike?

  173. Hariet says:

    I’m going to have to slightly disagree with Alex Petyfer, although not entirely shotting the option. BUT I’m all on board for Henry Cavill! And Sam Clafflin as little Alexander, Anthony. Hehehe. But seeing where their careers have headed… I’m a little wary.
    Such, such, such great news, regardless!

  174. lilli says:

    Henry Cavill as Alexander :)

  175. Dionysia Skoura says:

    Wonderful news ! I’ d rather see Henry Cavill as Alexander !

  176. Delian says:

    Yay! I love those books! I have not found anything that comes close to them. I picture a Alexander as being darker…darker hair and eyes…wow how do you make beautiful Alexander into a real person??!!

  177. Lena says:

    thats’ great news!!! Good luck :)
    Alex Pettyfer can fit for Alexander. what do you think about Channing Tatum ?

  178. Rosalind says:

    Yippy!! best news I’ve heard all day!

  179. claudia says:

    OMG! I am so excited and almost crying from happiness. I have read the trilogy many times but my fond memory is when I read it the first time, I could not put it down and like Martyn, it made me cry. love love love this book and can’t wait for the movie. I would love to see AMANDA SEYFRIED play tatia, and CHANNING TATUM to shura. have you seen the movie “Dear John” ? all I kept thinking of was how well they would look playing the characters for the Bronze Horseman. x food for thought…..thank you!

  180. Evrim Celik says:

    Finally :) ))))) Robert Pattinson would be great for Shura.And I am so happy.

  181. Eva says:

    Elisabeth Harnois would be great Tatiana. What do you think about her?

  182. Carla says:

    I would be very disappointed if the choice was Henry Cavill. He looks so… empty. There’s no way he could convey Alexander’s depth. Alex Pettyfer is a much better choice. I just can’t wait for the movie!

  183. Linda says:

    Henry Cavill is the only Alexander.

  184. Katie says:

    Thank you for making my day (week, year) with this spectacular news!! I’m very excited, congratulations! It’s going to be great!

    If you made it a TV series or even just a mini series, you wouldn’t have to shorten your lovely script. Just a suggestion! I’m very happy to hear that you’ll be apart of the process.

    How about Ian Somerhalder for Alexander?×338.jpg
    Alex Pettyfer would be good too. As for Tatiana, I have no idea.. she is just too lovely and perfect. ;)

    • Ilaria says:

      NO, PLEASE! I love very much The vampire diaries, but Ian Somerhalder do not see that as Alexander! And Zach Efron too.

    • Carla says:

      Please NOOO!! Ian Somerhalder is ugly and he has scary eyes and scary eyebrows. He looks like a drag queen sometimes. I don’t understand what women see in that guy.

      • Tania says:

        Not to mention his fake smile. Ian Somerhalder is creepy.
        He´s the oposite of Alexander.

      • Katie says:

        Okay it was only a suggestion, no need to be rude… Ian is a great guy! Everyone has different tastes in men and different views on how they think Alexander looks. He will most likely be too busy to do it anyways. Again, it was just a suggestion.. it’s okay to disagree but there is no need to trash all over it. It’s not going to kill us to be civil human beings.

  185. ALESSANDRA says:

    Great news! Stephen Amiell is Shura for me, perfect! but the real challenge wll be finding the little, strong, delicate, rock Tatia!!

  186. Linda says:

    YES to all of this!

    But please no to Alex Pettyfer… he has a reputation for being a conceited and unpleasant person :-(

  187. Karlee says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all year :)

    Cant wait to see Tatiana and Shura on the big screen.

    Henry Cavil is way better than Henry Pettyfer. Maybe even Ian Somerhalder.

    Alexander has to be Perfect! Like he is in my head <3

    Looking forward to the end of 2014!

  188. Linda says:

    Best news ever!

  189. Shea says:

    This is amazing news and it has made my day/week!! When will auditions be happening or have people already been considered? Alex Pettyfer is a perfect choice for Alexander, I’m so excited!

  190. Renee says:

    I’ve just finisehd the 1st book of the TBH and I think Alex Pettyfer would make a beautiul Alexander.

  191. rhoma says:

    Sorry but i don’t like Pettyfer as Alexander! No please, he is completely different, please!

  192. Giantmuschroom says:

    Ok…WOOOW :D I´m superexited…
    but Alex Pettyfer? No… no (please)

  193. Lorena Aragüete says:

    I’m speechless, what a wonderful way to start my day!! This is an amazing news! Thank YOU Paullina and of course, thank you so much to Martyn Hall and ITA Productions. I’m very Happy!!

    Absolutely YES!! to Alex Pettyfer, he is completely perfect, young like Shura to make TBH and with a deep gaze, there is no other better choice for me. :)

  194. Anne says:

    please pick another actor. this one is not mad for Shura.

  195. Anne says:


  196. Linda says:

    Paullina, your books NEED to be films. I’m so happy for you. I do not think Alex is “manly” enough…too pretty. You need someone with darker features to play off of Tatiana’s lighter features. Actors like Marco Dapper, Michael Fassbender, Ben Affleck, Bradley name a few. HOW EXCITING!!

  197. Ash says:

    Oh! Great great news!! Have been waiting for so long to see The Bronze Horseman on the big screen…
    But i can’t really see Alex Pettyfer as Shura. I think it’s because my choice has always been Henry Cavill whom i’ve always protrayed as our perfect Alexander. But guess now he’s too old to play the part… So sad!
    Anyway, i’m sure Paullina will take the right casting decisions.

  198. Emanuela says:

    I vote for Cavill LOL …I’m not sure about Tatiana but I think we’ll need someone new …

  199. Vanessa says:

    Oh yes yes!!! This would be a dream come true!! I have re-read the books and loving every minute of it!!!

  200. Mariana says:

    Estaría bueno que vuelvan a editar la trilogía completa, al menos en Argentina tenemos mucha demanda de lectoras que estamos ansiosas por adquirir nuestros libros del Jinete. Gracias

  201. Eddie says:

    My girl mates at work read a lot of books and would always talk about the characters, the story line, etc and either giggle, scream and even shed a tear over some parts of a book. But I could never understand why they would go nuts over this one, and rather them just summing it up in a nutshell for me, all they could say is, ‘you have to read it’. So I did, and I couldn’t put it down. I would read it slowly and go back over lines, then go to work the next day and describe the scenes like I was trying to direct the movie myself haha!! One of the girls skim reads and would laugh at how I would describe the scenes she missed, and the other girl would actually shed tears when I would go over the sad parts of the book – best book I’ve read since The Da Vinci Code! Suggestions? 1. Just hope you keep as much of the book in the movie as possible. Sadly, those who did not read The Da Vinci Code and think the movie was great, errrr, read the book. 2. I loved how Alexander would walk Tatiana home from work (because it would be something I would do lol ahh love), and given that there were many times in the book he would wait and walk her home, (rather losing the essence of those scenes by cramming or cutting it out of the movie), maybe sum up these scenes by narrating and using the time lapse effect so that it looks like a loop or a repeat of their daily routine (while the world around them just speeds on by), and it gives off the feeling that when they’re together, everyone, everything, doesn’t exist, like in the book lol the honeymoon stages in relationships hehe. And lastly 3. Characters. I couldn’t think of anyone to play Tatiana, so maybe a new face wouldn’t be so bad. However, just throwing it out there for Alexander, Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, he already has the name lol), Chris Pine (Star Trek) or Johann Urb (Sasha, the Russian pilot from 2012). Demitri, Tom Hardy (Warrior) was the first and only person I thought of who would make a great Demitri, he has the look and a funny accent to go lol. All the other characters, errr, just grab some randoms from the Harry Potter movies. Anyways, hope I ain’t the only guy that posts here, or has read the book. Oh well… Ms Simons, thank you for the great read, I have yet to read the two books that followed. But, maybe I won’t read them and just enjoy the ending of The Bronze Horseman. Look forward to your movie :)

  202. Aida says:

    Paullina, this is great news!!!

    You have such a HUGE following, the movie will be a hit for sure!

    Henry Cavill is still at the top of my list to play Alexander. though he is approaching 30 soon. But he fits Alexander’s physical profile so perfectly with his strong build and height at 6’1. Alex Pettyfer is only 5’11 and looks a bit “too pretty”.

    *sigh* It will be an impossible task to find the Alexander that all your adoring fans have been imagining in their minds for the last 13 years. Although, in Tatiana & Alexander and especially The Summer Garden, Henry Cavill would definitely be able fill in that age gap. ;)

    Alexander is supposed to be around 6’3 and Tatiana 5’1. I hope you keep their physicality in the books similar to whoever is cast because it was so important the trilogy.

    Looking forward to more TBH movie news!

  203. Tatjana says:

    Yeeeeeeesss …. finally the movie I’ve been waiting forever! Please do not cut too many scenes would be a shame to ruin such a beautiful story! I want an EPIC MOVIE … my recommended actor is: Jon Kortajarena!!!
    I think it’s perfect because the same as description of your shura in the book … or so I imagine it! I can not wait!
    PS. I really hope it comes out your new book children of liberty in Italian … you’re GREAT! <3 <3

  204. Lucy says:

    Alex Pettyfer is gorgeous!!! I am so excited about the movie, there are no words to described how bad I want this. I wish more than one movie would be made like the Twilight franchise. The complete story is just too wonderful for only one movie.

  205. Ashley says:

    I think Emilie de ravin should play Tatia. Someone mentioned dakota fanning as tatia…NO WAY.

  206. Fabiola says:

    I may be the only one who doesn’t like Cavill nor Emilie de Ravin for T&A. Oh well. I also think she is a little too old to play a teenager.

    • Dione says:

      I agree with you! I can’t understand why the suggestions for Tatiana are actresses in their 30′s. She needs to look like a teenager and should look at least a little bit Russian. It’s a good thing that Paullina has input into the movie. Yay! Can’t wait!!

    • Carla says:

      I don’t like Cavill either. arrrg!

  207. evanimals says:

    Robert Pattinson is my shura. No Alex pettyfer .Maybe Henry Cavill or stephen amell for Shura.and please no emily de ravin no.she is not good choice for tatiana.

  208. Anna Taylor says:

    Paullina, wow this is fantastic news! And weird as ALEX Pettyfer a) should now be referred to as Alexander (unless Dasha is talking about him) and b) he comes from my hone town……. oh the ironies keep coming! He would be good as he is young enough too.

    I can’t wait……..
    Best regards

  209. evanimals says:

    Elle fannig would be great for tatiana.

  210. Natalie says:

    Only Henry Cavill can play Shura!

  211. Iva says:

    Definitely HENRY CAVILL! Isn’t it funny that most of women agree that he is the best choice for the role if Alexander? :) When i first saw Henry i thought: This is the face of Shura! A. Pettyfer would NEVER give justice to Alexander’s character!

  212. Iva says:

    Definitely HENRY CAVILL! Isn’t it funny that most of women agree that he is the best choice for the role of Alexander? :) When I first saw Henry i thought: This is the face of Shura!!! A. Pettyfer would NEVER give justice to Alexander’s character!

  213. Ashley says:

    How about keira knightly as dasha??

  214. Victoria says:

    OMG – Henry Cavill, Henry Cavill, Henry Cavill
    Tatum Channing – OMG
    Either way can’t wait !!!

  215. Felicia says:

    Henry Cavill for Alexander!!!!

  216. Lia says:

    that’s amazing, i’m so excited!!! :)

    but I think Alex is not Alexander… please consider Henry Cavil to play Alexander!!! he would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  217. sian says:

    omg I am beyond excited. I cant imagine an Alexander yet but how about Teresa Palmer for Tatiana. She has that lightness and innocence I imagine Tatiana had. I’m sure whoever is chosen it will be amazing! How ever will I wait?

  218. Laura says:

    Dear Ms. Simons,
    Thank you so much for such a delightful, heart wrenching series of books. I am absolutely thrilled to hear that you have finally managed to find people in the film industry who are intelligent enough to know they will need you to be on set to recreate the world of Tatiana and Alexander with any sort of emotional fidelity.
    However, if you listen to nothing else your fans say, please hear this: Alex Pettyfer, who only lingers in our minds as the subpar, lackluster, leech of a stripper from “Magic Mike,” is not Alexander.
    Though Henry Cavill is who most of us imagined, I think we would be open to the choice of a strong actor, with strong emotive skills. Mr. Pettyfer is not that man.
    Thank you, and all of my best wishes for a smooth production process. Your work is truly wonderful.

  219. Ariel says:

    I am so excited about the news!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this.
    PLEASE NO Alex Pettyfer he is just not the man that Alexander is. He does not have the real hair and the creme brulee eyes or the depth of our Shura. Henri Cavill could be good,or jay ryan…

  220. Kasia says:

    Pozdrowienia z Polski ;)
    Szura – tylko Henry Cavill!

  221. Antonella says:

    Dearest Paullina.
    I loved and idolized your books, so I beg to differ the choice of Alex Pettyfer as Alexander. Ok, has the same name but beyond that he has nothing.
    I have read the novels imagining Henry Cavill for this wonderful role.
    Please don’t stop Pettyfer.
    I hope to soon see these beautiful novels on the big screen.

  222. Niel says:

    YEEEES!!!! I’ve been waiting for this news for years… It’s gonna be an amazing film… but never as good as the book of course ;) … Right now I’m rereading The Bronce Horseman (this is the fifth time) and I can’t figure Alexandr with Petyffer’s face… no no no… I imagine Alexandr as an stronger Gaspard Ulliel or Henrry Cavill… I don’t know… it’s not an easy decission, but pleeease try to choose the right one… I don’t care if he’s not famous… the same with Tatia, to me Sofia Vassilieva is almost perfect for the role…

    Thank you for the news!!! my best wishes from Buenos Aires…

  223. Anna says:

    Alex Pettyfer doesn’t have the look or the height surely?

  224. Camilla says:

    Dear Paullina,

    I don’t like very much Alex Pettyfer as Alexander, he has flapping ears! And, in my opinion, he is too angelic, not as rough as I imagine Shura.

    A big NO for Henry Cavill. A big YES for Jon Kortajarena. ;)

  225. marti803 says:

    I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying! Thanks for the amazing news!
    I’d love Channing Tatum to play Shura’s role!

  226. Bec says:

    Very exciting news! Roll on 2014.
    But, I vote no for Alex Pettyfer, hes just all wrong. In a photo I saw of Alex, Channing Tatum was standing with him, now that fit well :-)

  227. marti803 says:

    But you’re the Mind, so anyone you choose will be perfect!!

  228. Anthea says:

    This is great news! Finally! I think Alex Pettyfer would make a wonderful Alexander… assuming he darkens his hair!

  229. Sari says:

    Alex Pettyfer is perfect! Yes, please start filming!

  230. Jessica says:

    Hi Paullina,

    This is fantastic news! Who better than to have someone Russian-American like yourself!. I am so glad to hear you will be writing the script and allowed on set! Hopefully, this means there will be no changes to the movie! I think this is excellent and I can’t wait to see the final product!

    Please continue to keep us updated!

    Jess xx

  231. Ilaria says:

    I’m really happy that finally the movie will be done! And I also like the actor chosen to play Alexander: I’ve seen it in action and convince me.

    But for me it will always be MY Alxander Henry Cavill and the news destroyed me, not to make the tough, but it’s hard for me to cry! A demonstration of how much I care about this book.

    They are also very quiet and peaceful because if Paullina will take care of the script and will remain on the set while turning, I’m sure the book will be respected and not upset.

    So, Henry Cavill apart (I knew that once turned Superman was unlikely that Alexander would play) I can not wait to go to the movies!

    Ps. sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian! : D

  232. Anna says:

    I also think that Henry Cavill is perfect for Alexander. What are yours suggestions about who’d play Tatiana Paullina?

  233. Margaret says:

    OMG I can’t wait :)

  234. Tonya says:

    OMG! This is amazing news! I can’t wait!

  235. Ilaria G. says:

    In my opinion, Alexander is Henry Cavill. He’s PERFECT!!! However thanks Paullina for this wonderful present!!!!!!!!

  236. SUPEREXCITED says:

    Such fantastic news Paullina :-) The producer and director sound great, the fact that they have both read and loved the book means they get it!!! And with you being on set, that is even better news. Very happy for you and excited for all of us.

    I agree with all that have said that whoever plays Shura has to have darker features, afterall he is half Italian. Alex Pettyfer although attractive doesn’t really fit for me. My choice would be Channing Tatum. He has the darker features, the body, the height, and have you seen him in an army uniform???? You must!!!! ;-) If not him then Henry Cavill (although I still think back to Marat Safin hahaha!)

  237. Andrea says:

    Honestly some of the suggestions (i wont name names) of who could play Alexander are scary and bizare!!! in my opinion it’s the acting that counts. Ok I will name one chaning tatum!!!! Really!?!?!

    • Sam says:

      My thoughts exactly. I know we all have our own visions and the reality is that there is no one actor who could please all of us, but I feel like some suggestions don’t really resemble Shura’s description at all.

  238. Mark Zander says:

    Paulina, I am so so happy and excited for you and for Sash. The Universe did a most perfect thing by putting you two together. A masterpiece in the making. I have produced many films with Sash and have never worked with a more talented storyteller. He shoots from his heart. He loves your baby and will hold it in his arms and take good care of it. Yeah!

  239. sian says:

    the more I look at that picture the more I think Alex Pettyfer could be Alexander

  240. Jessica says:

    Great news, Paullina! But, please, Henry Cavill for Shura! He’s perfect!

  241. Marina says:

    Danila Kozlovsky is Alexander!!!! He is perfection. He’s currently filming Vampire Academy but maybe in between? Can’t even imagine anyone else. The reasons he’s great (more than Henry Cavill or Pettyfer) are because he has intense eyes. If he looked at me across the street while I was eating ice cream, I’d melt! He is dark, tall. He has to be intimidating and confident when he walks into a room and Danila has that. He speaks Russian and perfect English! If in the film he spoke Russian from time to time… oooh… swoon.

  242. eugenia says:

    Henry Cavill please and thank you! Oh and Dianna Agron for Tatia! :)

    • Ilaria says:

      I love very much Dianna Agragon! would be great … also has green eyes! except that it is too high for Tatia! :(

  243. Serena says:

    Sash Andranikian or ALEKSANDR ANDRANIKYAN (Александр Андраникян) is Moscow- born Armenian.Started his career in Armenia as animator.From 1988 to 1992 worked and lived in Moscow. Known in Russia for big budget commercials(about 200) and music clips. His animation films and commercials can be find at You Tube
    His latest interview from Yerevan (In Russian)
    The Bronze Horseman would be his first (film) big project.

  244. Sara says:

    I’m so happy!!! I can’t wait!!! The movie will be amazing, I’m sure!
    But, please Paullina choose another Alexander ^__^
    I love Jon Kortajarena, for me he’s perfect! :)
    What do you think about him?,d.bGE&psig=AFQjCNHkcEiJaCWwwUJTGVjGQPWDLaU2UA&ust=1363613831807336

    With his cigarette ^__^
    Let me know!

    Best Regards and thank you!

  245. Laura says:

    I think Channing Tatum could be amazing…

  246. Betty says:

    Diogo Morgado would be a perfect Alexander. Currently playing Jesus in “The Bible” on the History Channel.

    I’m a reader. I have read many many books. I have never been emotionally involved with characters in a book as I have been with Alexander and Tatiana.


  247. Einav says:

    Hi Paullina.
    The Bronze Horseman is one of the best books I’ve ever read/ I love it so much. I reread it all the time. enjoing each time more and more and wishing I could go to St. Petersburg to see it all.
    I would love to see keira knightly as Tatiana and Ben affleck \ Mat dymon as Alexander.
    It’s so exiting, like dream come true.

  248. Alex Hughes (New Zealand) says:

    The more I think of Alex Pettyfer as Alexander the more I like him!
    Consider Juno Temple as Tatiana? She is stunning, blonde and petite. Her abilities as an actress are wide ranging also.

  249. Carla says:

    What about Saoirse Ronan for Tatiana? She’s a great actress, delicate, beautiful and sweet!!!!!!

    • Marie says:

      Yep, Saoirse Ronan is perfect! She has a sassy, innocent look to her. She looks like she can tell some funny jokes with a straight face.

      I’d LOVE to see Henry Cavill as Alexander.

      How WONDERFUL to have this (hopefully these) books made into a spectactular movie.

  250. Kate says:

    Best news I have heard all day.

    Mia Wasikowska is my choice for Tatiana.

    I cant wait… no doubt it will be my favorite movie of all time!

  251. Lisa says:

    Alex Pettyfer was always my Alexander, excellent choice! I’m having a hard time picturing someone as Tatiana but how about Chloe Moretz? If for some reason the movie doesn’t pan out, please do a mini series! I’ll take a movie but its a shame that so much material will have to be cut, even a 3 hour movie couldn’t do this book justice. BEST BOOK EVER

  252. bb says:

    ROMOLA GARAI pour Tatiana s’il vous plaît !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. Heather says:

    I CAN’T wait!!! For this movie!!!

  254. bb says:

    MATT BOMER pour Alexandre !!!!!!!!

  255. Cynthia says:

    I’ve read a few people suggest Keira Knightley as Dasha, but NO WAY! She’s too bony and ‘innocent’ looking! I imagine someone more like Mila Kunis for Dasha! As for Tatiana, Diana Agron is amazing but Teresa Palmer has the perfect look for the role too! (Has blue eyes though!)

  256. Marcelle says:

    To compare the two, I watched YouTube videos of Henry Cavill and Alex Pettyfer.

    Henry Cavill simply does not suit Alexander, although he may physically match the description.

    The way Pettyfer moves and talks, his youthfulness, everything, has such charm and classiness. They can certainly dye his hair and put colored contacts in him if it is necessary. Most importantly, Paullina Simons believes he would be a good match!

  257. Nafsika says:

    I am crying !!! I can t tell anything else … Thank you !!

  258. Jo says:

    Scarlett Johanssen for Tatiana. No doubt. Those pillowy lips, that intelligent look.

  259. Sherryl says:

    Soundtrack – looking forward to it and maybe you’ll have some influence on music selection…Who would you like to write the score?

    I love the soundtrack to The Piano (Michael Nyman), The Mission (Ennio Morricone), The Last of the Mohicans (Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman), Body Heat (John Barry) and Salvadore (Georges Delerue)…but sadly some of these composers are very old or already in the Grave… Seems to be a dearth of female composers…

  260. Shauna (NZ) says:

    Congratulations Paullina! A huge fan of your writing. Reading TBH was life changing for me and I thank you wholeheartedly for the experience.

    I think Margarita Levieva would make a great Dasha. She was born in Leningrad too! :-)

  261. Briohny says:

    Hi Paullina,
    Thanks for the opportunity to have a say on the making of The Bronze Horseman film. In regards to Alexander’s character, I think attitude and confidence is much more critical than looks. Alexander needs to be portrayed as a warrior. A man who can defend, protect, fight and survive like no other. A man who is capable of possessiveness and domination yet be tender and sensitive too. He will have a confidence that attracts Tatiana in the first place as sets him apart from the rest. Perfect white teeth made vivid with stubble, very tall and strong arms are essential though!

    The things that must must must be included in the film are:
    St. Petersburg! I fell in love with this city like I did with the characters. It must have a starring role! I want to see The Summer Garden and the field of Mars, the Neva and the canals!
    The picnic at Peterhof, complete with cartwheels and Alexander’s eyes all over Tatiana.
    The scene where Shura comes to the hospital drunk to see Tatiana! No censoring please!
    The small, discreet intimacies that the two share in Tatiana’s apartment. The looking (or not looking!), her hip touching his arm, the fingers touching when a tea cup is passed…..
    The scene where the girls go to Pavlov barracks to tell Alexander their father has died and Marazov mistakes Tatiana as Alexander’s girlfriend.
    Naira, Dusia, Raisa and Axinya are such great characters and much needed lightness after Leningrad! I would love to ‘meet’ them on the big screen.
    Washing the laundry in the Kama and getting totally wet! Tatiana asks: “Could it be any more humiliating?”and Alexander replies, “They could have come three minutes later.”
    The scene where Alexander leaves Lazarevo – although I may not survive it myself! “I can’t walk away with you standing here,” and “What’s that in your eyes?” – hand me the tissues now!
    Each ticket to the film must come with a small packet of tissues and possibly a warning that life may never be the same again! Mine certainly hasn’t! And for that I am truly grateful to you Paullina. Will be eagerly awaiting updates on the movie’s progress.

  262. Sandra says:

    Great News!
    Not sure with Pettyfer though… I just watched Game of Thrones and I think Richard Madden would be an excellent choice for Shura.

  263. bb says:

    Romola Garai as Tatiana
    Henry Cavill as Alexander
    Keira Knightley as Dasha
    Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Dimitri

    even if the characters in the novel are young, the corresponding actors should look mature and be chosen older

  264. Kelly D says:

    Wow, this is such wonderful news, i actually have goosebumps-i have never been the same since reading the TBH!!!!
    Because these magnificent characters seem so real to all of us, i can only imagine how difficult the casting will be… my favourite for Alexander is definitely (a dark haired) Channing Tatum, followed by Ben Affleck. As for Tatiana, i also think Amanda Seyfried would be perfect. I also think Emilie de Ravin and Diana Agron could fit the part.
    Can’t wait for 2014, thank-you Paullina!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. feather says:

    Please let it be Henry Cavill….he deserves to have a meaningful, respectful role apart from Superman. I read all the TBH books and I imagine him as Shura..I swear he can nail this character for sure. I also wanted Amanda Seyfried to play Tatiana. She has for me the perfect resemblance of Tatiana…

  266. Sylwia says:

    Henry Cavill will be the best!!! This is sugesion from girls from POLAND :)
    Dear Mr Simons thank you for this special books. When I red this books I change my live…thank you.

  267. Sylwia says:

    Hello from girls from POLAND!!! In our sugestion – Henry Cavil will be the best Aleksander :)

  268. Letty says:

    First of all, is the message board gone? For awhile everytime I log in it says “board not available”.

    I think that he is fine to play Alexander. I think as important is HOW he plays Alexander. Smoldering, angry, possessive. They can darken his hair, etc.

    I’m so excited that this might not be far away and that Paullina is so involved!

  269. elena says:

    For me Susanne Bormann would be the perfect tatiana.look

  270. Antonella says:

    First of all, I wanted to thank you for this wonderful story,I loved the books and I i’ve read all the story in a month.
    I don’t know who can be Alexander. I’m thinking about it all the time but nothing, nobody is just enough for be him.

    For Tatiana after several research i found Amanda Seyfried and i think she is perfect and also a good actress.

    Here a link with a photo of Amanda

    Thanks for everything and look anxiously news.

  271. Emma says:

    I think Emily browning would be great as Tatiana. I also agree with some folks that although I did not imagine Alex as Pettyfer as Shura initially now that you mention I think he would be great!
    I’m actually re-reading TBH again for the 50th time so now I’ll imagine those two characters.
    So excited.

  272. mariantonieta says:

    Cuando leí el libro en mi grupo de lectura, todos coincidimos en que Henry Cavill seria el perfecto Alexander, quedamos enamorados de esta historia de amor y soñamos con la idea de pudieran hacer la película; ahora que lo confirmas estamos felices y tristes al mismo tiempo, todos en el circulo pensó que nuestro sueño se haría realidad: ver a Alexander con la cara de Henry, haz que se haga realidad Paulina, insiste en conseguirlo, hay muchos actores que hacen 5 o 6 pelis al año y eso no cambia nada. Realmente si no fuera él, creo que mejor me quedo con el libro y mi imaginación, donde Alexander es un maravilloso Hombre fuerte, encantador, tierno y sexy Henry Cavill.
    Muchas felicidades y suerte.

  273. Blanca says:

    Please !!!! Henry Cavill <3

  274. Dafna says:

    im counting the minutes!!!

  275. Clo says:

    Henry Cavill is perfect for alexander nobody better

  276. Kim says:

    A big Congratulations this is fantastic news FINALLY…
    I’m not sure about Alex he doesn’t look Alexander enough for me. I imagine this huge hulk of man. So I thought maybe Alexander Skaarsgard as he is huge, and could pass as young and then older, and maybe Emily Browning. They probably don’t go we’ll together but you never know. Just a suggestion.

  277. Hariet says:

    Richard Madden?

  278. Nancy says:

    Paullina, you did it!!! This book has been a part of me since I first read it (for the 1st time) 10 years ago? It’s been so long that I don’t remember, but I’m RELIEVED that you’ve found what seems to be the perfect team. You’ve got to have a Russian, besides you of course, to make this a success and you found one! Better yet, these guys get it. They get the story. This is so much better than the other director that you were considering some years back. I was very happy when you decided to wait and keep looking. Your instincts have paid off. Congrats! As for the actors Alex looks good and I know Henry C. is very popular, but I just don’t think he’s got the artistic range to be our Alexander. Just my opinion.

  279. Marea E says:

    He looks heavenly !!!

  280. Samantha Elizabeth says:

    I’ve only just started your book a few days ago and all I can think of is how much I feel like Tatiana, even at 23. I can’t help but read it as if it’s my life and I’m so completely absorbed in your book that I can hardly pull it away long enough to eat or sleep. And to have it as a film, well, that would be incredible.
    Strangely enough, I think Alex Pettyfer could work wonderfully as he is tall (or at least appears to be) and is manly when he bulks up. His face is the perfect mix of youth and strength. He looks older than he actually is as well, much like how I imagine Alexander. He definitely has the expressive soft heart melting eyes as well, he’d just need darker hair and a uniform. Perhaps though, he isn’t quite sweet enough?
    You’ve written a beautiful story, so I hope this all turns out for the best regardless of the actors and that we’ll all get to see your characters come to life. As a filmmaker myself, I want nothing more than for this story to be represented in all of its emotional beauty and glory, so the best of luck to you!

  281. graciela says:

    por favor paulina, Henry Cavill es excelente para el rol de shura!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  282. Charles says:

    Paullina, congratulations on the wonderful news. I had the pleasure of working with Sash Andranikian several years ago; he’s a gifted director who knows how to bring out the best in others. The Bronze Horseman is in good hands with Sash at the helm. I’m looking forward to future updates and the film’s eventual release!

  283. Natalie says:

    I like Amanda Seyfried to play the role of Tatiana. I like all her films.

  284. Natalie says:

    I think Jensen Ackles is sweet. He has a role in the movie Supernatural.

  285. Sarina says:

    TQ paullina. For a great book and nw a movie!! Whoever you approve will be good for the movie. Cant wait for the miracle to happen.

  286. Paula says:

    Dear Mrs. Simmons, such a great news…..I am excited to see your amazing, dramatic and endlessly love story on the screen…please take care about actors, they have to be very very expressive…..
    Thanks to give me such a great emotion on reading your trilogy.
    Paula from Italy

  287. i’m not? really into “game of thrones” but as the portrait progressed my heart started

  288. Blanca says:

    Hello, please!!! Henry as Alexander

  289. Christina says:

    Just finished reading the trilogy for a 2nd time, and loved it just as much as the first. By far my favorite books of all time. I’m very excited and a little bit nervous for this book to come to life on film! Not a fan of Alex Pettyfer….he does not fit my image at all of Shura. He looks way too feminine, not nearly rugged enough…esp if you search other images besides the one in this blog post. I too agree with the suggestion of Henry Cavill, though I can see why he would not work due to his age now. At least find someone who looks more similar to Cavill than Pettyfer.

  290. Alex Pettyfer?

    Paullina, I love you, but hells to the NO!

    (Hee! :P )

    The guy is a tremendouche and has about as much charisma as a box of hair. (There, I said it.) Plus he can’t act for shiz.

    Henry Cavill, on the other hand?


    It’s enough to just see him in season 1 of The Tudors to witness not only his acting ability but, you know, the hotness factor. Hee! It was when I saw the first season of The Tudors that I had my, “Holy shi(i)t(ake) mushrooms, THAT’S SHURA.”

    Also, at 29, he is by no means too old (and he still looks young in the face, to boot), plus he’s a tall guy (1.85m isn’t short last I heard).

    Then again, I might be biased seeing as I’m the one who (years ago) created the Facebook group “Henry Cavill to play Alexander Belov/Barrington in The Bronze Horseman…!”

    (I had a little too much time on my hands that day, methinks.)

    Finally, I don’t think it should matter that he’s playing Superman. I mean, Christian Bale played Batman but it didn’t interfere with him playing smaller, more independent roles.

  291. Natasha says:

    Very excited about the great news!

    I can’t say that Alex Pettyfer is a great candidate – but I guess we’ll wait and see.

    The story of Tatiana and Alexander touched me greatly and each time I pick up the books, I get entrenched in their story all over again. Cannot believe that a book has that kind of power, but there you go.

    Brilliantly done and all the best to Paullina Simons in her new endeavour.

  292. Dasha says:

    Nooooooo!!!!! Henry Cavill IS Alexander!!!!!

    I just finished The Summer Garden and i’m sorry to say that it was awful.

  293. Gabriela says:

    Para Alexander, Henry Cavill es perfecto!

  294. Nina Awad says:

    Henry Cavill I don’t care if his superman please

  295. nile says:

    I visited St.Petersburg just because I read your book.It was fantastic to see where Alexander and Tatiana walks by.Really waiting to see the movie as soon as possible.Henry Cavil can be perfect Alexander,for Tatiana maybe young Russian girl not famous one..

  296. zenn says:

    omg. This is great news. Finally after years of waiting. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Paullina. So glad that you will be overseeing the filming of the movie. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    p.s Henry Cavill for Alexander please.

  297. Elizabeth says:

    To Paullina, thank you so much for writing this book! I’ve never been so overcome with emotion while reading before, the story is so moving, so beautiful! I really hope this film becomes reality because I will probably watch it around 100 times!
    I think Alex Pettyfer would be a wonderful choice in terms of looks, though maybe he isn’t quite tall enough? He doesn’t seem to have that looming physical presence, but maybe if the actress portraying Tatiana was very short? Perhaps a lesser known actress, like Laurence Leboeuf? Regardless, it will be an incredible movie! Can’t wait!

  298. Salha Hasi says:

    YAY finally! I am so happy :) How about Henry Cavill though for Alexander? ;)

  299. Alice Bolts says:

    I found the perfect Alexander. He is Josh Hartnett, the actor of Wicker Park, with Diane Kruger, perfect for Tatiana

  300. Kimberley says:

    I’m very excited about this! I think Saoirse Ronan (Atonement) would make a perfect Tatia!! I also like Diana Agron (Glee).

    Would like to see an unknown cast as Alexander…

  301. Czytelniczka says:

    Oh, Paulina.
    This is fantastic news! I love yours books and I’m sure that I would see this movie! But I think Alex Pettyfer doesn’t have the look and the height of Aleksander…
    Kisses from Poland :)

  302. Lena says:

    Henry Cavill is the best!!! But he is ok, too :)

  303. Anna says:

    I read the books about 5 months ago.. Generally I read a lot of books and I have to say no other book had touched me that much.. It left me with a really weird feeling for weeks. I was never influenced by a book before( especially the first book). After I finished reading the first book I looked on Internet to find out if there’s a movie and I read about the problems you faced. The last months I check very often to see if there are news about the film, it’s really really nice to hear those good news.
    Congratulations for your work! We’re really excited about the movie!
    You should not compromise with anything less than these books deserve to have, a great movie.

  304. Shannon says:

    Pettyfer is just not a good enough actor for the role. Looks wise Joe Manganiello would make a perfect Alexander. Even if he is a little older, Alexander skews older because of his experiences imo. He isn’t babyfaced, he has had a rough life.

  305. Shannon says:

    Had to add while watching Zero Dark Thirty, Edgar Ramirez quite reminded me of Alexander. Especially in regard to his Army persona.

  306. Meghana says:

    Henry Cavill would be perfect!!!! while i was reading all your magical books i envisioned Alexander to be Henry!!! he is a real gentleman!
    words cant explain how much i love your books!!

  307. Jenny Kolp says:

    Henry Cavill!! Not so much Alex Pettyfer!!!

  308. Jenny Kolp says:

    Henry Cavill!! Not Alex Pettyfer!!!

  309. Victoria Smith says:

    I love Alex Pettyfer for Alexander!! He looks young enough and just seems great for the role. Henry Cavill is way too old for the part!

  310. Sam says:

    Just had a thought for Dasha: Eva Green could be good. Some of her roles have had a playful quality like Dasha has. The other person I had in mind for her was Jennifer Lawrence.

  311. Helen says:

    Robert Pattinson?

    Tatiana – Emma Watson?

  312. Kara says:

    Henry Cavill all the way – I’m not going to lie, I was picturing him the entire book!

  313. Alison says:

    ALEXANDER SKARSGARD would be the perfect Shura. He is 6’4, Swedish, and gorgeous.

  314. camelia oana says:

    Paulina….please make play HENRY CAVILL for ALEXANDER.i don’t’ see anyone much perfect them my perfect Alexander…when i reed the book THE BRONZE HORSMEN AND TATIANA &ALEXANDER i cry,i injoy it and i love with the same intensity like yours caracthers.every day i look on youtube to see the trailer to this movie and the perfect tatiana and alexander for me are henry cavill and louisana lopilato.please make that happend.i love you and ty for such a book.sorry if my english is not so good

  315. Amanda says:

    Oh goodness, good news! I am excited for the movie… it doesn’t matter as much who play the characters as long as they play them with the intensity that we all read them into being! Cannot wait!

  316. amanda says:

    paullina, i have just finished reading your TBH trilogy, i cannot express in words how much i loved these books, they are incredebly emotional, i could not put them down, and i am so sad they had to come to an end, i am so happy to read about an upcoming movie! When i finished reading them i kept saying i wish there was a movie….it couldnt come soon enough!

  317. Cocoa Fornelli says:

    The perfect Tatiana would be the little blonde actress from Nashville CLARE BOWEN not Hayden P, Check her out and see if she wouldn’t be perfect!!!

  318. Valentina says:

    Great news indeed, even though it’s always hard to fully respect the essence of a novel in a movie, especially if it’s a great story like this one.
    I definitely vote for MELANIE THIERRY as Tatiana.
    As for Alexander, he is so perfect that it will be hard to find an actor to meet this challenge. Bonne chance!

  319. Irene says:

    I can’t believe it!!!! I’m so excited! I always thought of Shura as Henry Cavill… HE IS SHURA!!! Please choose him!!

  320. federica says:

    i’m so excited about this news,but i don’t think that the best choice for shura is Alex Pettyfer,everytime i think of shura i imagine him as Henry Cavill. Henry is the best choice always and forever!!

  321. mandi says:

    Saoirse Ronan would be a great Tatiana, she is young, small, blonde and pale, and has an innocent and pure look about her. She maybe a little tall (168cm) but as long as you Alexander is tall and solid it wouldn’t matter.

    Henry Cavill coulnt be him, he is too looks too cocky and full of himself because he was superman, he also is not serious enough to be Alexander.

    Alex Pettyfer also not right, not big enough, but would be perfect for Pasha.

    Stephen Amell could be a good Alexander, he’s young enough, he has the right size and the build, has a serious look, and his hair dyed black will only accentuate his masculinity more. Also he still looks good covered in scars…. Put him next to Saoirse Ronan, he will make her look tiny, pale and pure as Tantiana should be.

    Its awesome news, as long as Paullina remains in control as she is the creator and knows exactly how her Alexander and Tatiana should be interpreted and characterised, in order to capture their pure essense. If they get the cast wrong, there would be no point in this project.

  322. mandi says:

    Whoever plays the roles, also must first read the trilogy, not just the script.

    Just also checked out Chloe Moretz and Clare Bowen, they would also fit very well, as with Saoirse Ronan as long as they have the acting range and have read the novels, so they understand the essense of what makes Tatiana who she is.

  323. FABYFER says:

    el que estaria perfecto para el papel…

    seria HENRY CAVILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  324. Estela Torres says:

    Hola Paullina

    por favor reconsidere y elija a Henry Cavill como Alexander

  325. Tia says:

    Theo James! He’d be the perfect Alexander.

  326. Karo says:

    Greetings from Argentina Paulina! muak =)
    And thank for so wonderfull love’s story! i ♥ Alex ^^

  327. Betiana says:

    Pettyfer ISNT Alexander!!!!. I want to Henry Cavill please!!!


    Right now there is only one actor in Hollywood I can imagine to Play Alexander…. And that is Liam Hemsworth! He’s a great actor, very handsome and he’s tall! As much as I would love for Henry Cavill to Play Alexander…… He’s too old, Alexander is supposed to be 23!!!!

  329. mariantonieta says:

    I dream of a Shura with Henry Cavill’s face, only he is my Shura

  330. I think Wilson Bethel is the PERFECT Alexander. I have created a Facebook fan page called: Wilson Bethel to play Alexander Barrington in The Bronze Horseman. Please like and share it. He would be amazing in this role!!!!

  331. sapir says:

    Listen it’s not just the looks! that counts! I also thind that Henry Cavill is the perfect Alexander but we dont know how he will play him… right?

  332. Cristina says:

    Henry Cavill is the perfect Alexander, is the perfect Shura.

  333. Valentina says:

    Alex Pettyfer is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  334. Belle Simon says:

    Alex is perfect for Alexnader!!!! Obviously he will need to be more tanned and dark though

  335. Chloe says:

    Me alegro muchísimo que la película la vayan a hacer en Inglaterra, seguro que será mejor, son fántasticos haciendo películas y series históricas.

    Me gustaría saber si usted ha vuelto a Rusia en alguna ocasión.

  336. Melinda McKenzie says:

    Wilson Bethel will make a perfect Alexander! You can see him in Hart of Dixie, imagine him in a red army uniform with darker hair.

  337. Martina says:

    I think that Henry Cavill would be perfect for Alexander and Emilia Clarke would be perfect for Tatiana!!

  338. Susi Whitelum says:

    I think Emilie Clark from Game of Thrones would be great as Tatiana. But more controversially one of the Olsen twins for Tatiana as they are tiny physically , have large haunted eyes. They have the whole waif thing happening. Hmmmm just putting it out there.
    Just remember with Twilight, fans started a petition to ousted Robert Pattinson because he didn’t fit the vision they had of Edward from the novels. He made the role his own and all the nay sayers fell in love with him.
    So lets get behind who ever they pick and make this movie a classic. Can’t wait!!!

  339. Kasia says:

    This is fantastic news! I can’t wait