Hello Again

January 26, 2011

Dear Friends, I think it’s time to update our blog with a brighter entry, don’t you think, because judging by the last three this space almost reads like a Death Blog. I only write when someone dies.  I feel this somewhat defeats the whole purpose of happily communicating with readers. This is better. I hope you enjoy my new website, it’s easy to navigate, is pleasing to the eye, and you can load it quickly on your mobile device like the glorious iPhone. Check out some of our new content, my Summer Garden video, and slideshows of my past tours. Perhaps some of you in Australia and New Zealand will spot yourselves! We’ve got more tour slideshows coming, one from 2007 and one from 2009. And we’ll also be uploading photos from my trip across the U.S or “Road to Paradise” and photos of Summit, New Jersey and the Australian outback for “A Song in the Daylight.” I’m thrilled to continue my longstanding partnership with HarperCollins for the next five novels.One of the things we’ve worked on to accommodate my readers is an enhanced publishing schedule that will ensure a Paullina book once a year.  And not just in Australia, New Zealand, and England, but globally, including the United States.  I know I’ve written elsewhere about the subject matter for the next book, indicating its lovelorn roots and its Bostonian/Ukrainian setting during the Great Depression and the Stalin purges.And believe me, that’s coming, and not in small doses either.  But first, you are going to get a different book for your (I hope) enjoyment. I think it’s so delicious it requires its own (imminent) post. Regarding news of Bronze Horseman film adaptation: I’m not being cagey, but we’re at the cusp of either moving forward or going in a different direction. I’m going to know more in the next few days.I know you’ve all been super (im)patient(!), please bear with me. No one would love a beautiful epic Tania and Shura film more than me. Signing off for now, more very soon.

3 Responses to “Hello Again”

  1. Simone M says:

    Hi Paullina,

    Firstly, I absolutely adore your books! They are beautiful, literary, entertaining and raise such important questions about life, love and what it truly means to be happy.

    Like many of your readers, the Bronze Horseman trilogy is my absolute favorite. What I want to know is this… Is the character of Shura inspired by anyone in particular? And is he what you would consider to be the ideal man?

    Thank you for inspiring and entertaining us all!

  2. Kassie says:

    Thanks paullina for posting this !! :D

    I am so excited for your next books !! But please tell us that the “different book” will be related to tatiana and alexander… please !

  3. Maria Truglio says:

    Hi Paullina..I’m writing this note because right now it’s the only way to explain my feelings..When i started to read this book i was a kinda of astonshed by the pecularity of the facts..Every division between Tatiana and Shura left me anguished but character after character i thought that the things could just get better..When the pages started to finish i felt something like a hold to my heart but i just kept on hoping in a happy ending..But i arrived to the last one page i was with no breathe..I mean,i was hppy for the reached happiness of Tatiana..But i didn’t can undertand how can a love like that survive..How could this book end with a lie?I know that that lie was for a good purpose ..But anyway i can’t understand..Alexander dumped away his life..Why he didn’t try to escape..or why tatiana don’t know what was really happened Alexander?Why did they pass just a month living togheter in happiness..I don’t wanna seem ridiculus but this book really touches me..And when i saw that there was no way to solve it the only thing i could do was cryn’..